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More fillable clickable ideas


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The original topic (below) was closed after several derailments, but I wanted to expand on my ideas and add another.

5 Fat → (Cooking pot) → Tallow
Allow melting down grasan fat to tallow in a (fillable clickable) cooking pot. Tallow could in turn be used by another fillable clickable or an item combiner to make candles/torches (tallow + wick/fabric), soaps, pemmican, lube, or salves for blisters. Candles/torches, in particular, would be an ideal second step for illuminating potential new locations (caves, tunnels, crypts) that are generally unnavigable due to darkness.

10 Tree bark → (Mulcher) → Mulch
Mulch could be used for accelerated gardening (bushies, the community garden plots, etc.). Alternatively, should the potential for crop failure be introduced, mulch could reduce the risk of that.

3 Large Rock → (Crusher) → Gravel
Large rocks are useless, as per their description: “A large and heavy rock. Nothing more.” Gravel, however, while already implemented, is “Useful as building material.”


And if anyone else has ideas, go ahead and suggest them, but remember the requested formula:

  1. A quantity of common/easy to get resources that already exist
  2. The converter (probably a tool of some sort)
  3. A single item that results from the conversion of the resources

And don't forget to consider the value/rarity of the inputs/output.

Feedback welcome as well; especially whether my numbers need adjusting?

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On 12/26/2017 at 3:22 PM, Ungod said:

Paper+coloured ink+autograph+wax seal = forged land papers (that have a random chance of succeding, sometimes nothing happens, worst cases you get in jail)

If there would be an automatic way to get you ouf of jail ... then that would be a neat way to visit it :)

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