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To Clarify To All Of MD

Fang Archbane

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To clarify some things, it seems we have had a miscommunication somewhere Chewett.
I claimed to have Gridos Blessing for the GG Lab position as its Guardian, and that role alone.
I dont know how, or where, anyone thought i had his blessing for King, as i never claimed that, only my intent to GAIN his blessing for King.
If that was misconstrued i am sincerely sorry, but my words were clear on Forums, so please do double check whatever Source claimed that i did anything of the sort.

I provided PMd SSd proof of my only claim to you Chewett, that he had given me his acceptance on the GG Lab Guardian role.
I have below SSd my previous post, and the timestamp on the last edit against the time and date that it is now (bottom right of screen) prove i have not meddled with it.
So if any of this is unclear to anyone, ill say it once more. I have Gridos Blessing for the GG Lab Guardian Role and nothing more. I aim to EARN his Blessing for King in Time.


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>To clarify some things, it seems we have had a miscommunication somewhere Chewett.

I didn't think he was saying you had permission to be king. Nor have I said it anywhere. Its quite clear what you said.

What has given you the impression I had it confused?

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Ah, my apologies, see, the Fake Grido (Frido hence forth) on the Discord accused me of not getting his blessing, and then accused me of stating i had his blessing for king. I knew it wasnt the real thing, but i decided to fool a fool into thinking me a fool, by playing her little... scherade.

She asked me to write this to... clarify. I knew i had nothing to lose in transparency. Frido claimed A LOT about how Grido was angry that i had claimed so much and it was all apparantly lies, so i provided proof and laughed silently on the inside.

I made this to "clarify" as Frido asked. I wanted to make sure you werent hearing falsitys or such, hence, this being created. I know the way my King speaks, the mentality of a king, the understanding of a king, for i am now one in my Heart.

That was not my King. I know my enemies list, and it is short, so matching read attitude to past knowledge, i can easily figure out who it was. But i will not assume such things in public. Well, i wont spell it out anyways, people can read between the lines.

And I will not return the "favor" she has done me in kind. I will be the greater man, as i said Everybody Gets One, but realize she has used up her One, and no longer matters in my eyes. Thank you for your Time.

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