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I dag up a thing from a couple of years ago, an interview with Zleiphneir, it was meant to be a part of the MD newspaper, but the project was never finalized.

I also have one with Azull and Syrian, but that was so poorly done by me that I'd spare you from it :)) There's supposed to be one with Kyphis as well, good one as I recall, but I can't seem to find it.


: Jubaris cleans his body of dust to prepare for the interview
: Jubaris tries not to violate his fossil remains
: Jubaris leans against the wall
: Zleiphneir sits himself up and swings his legs from his wall perch, watching
: Jubaris shouts, initiating a crafty spell to make an introduction
: [Spell] Exaudio VBlFHuCzPgY
: Zleiphneir frowns and looks around
Zleiphneir: Now I feel like we're in a very old elevator...
Jubaris: *scratches his head* I can't hear it, weird.
Jubaris: Oh well! *waves his hand to dismiss the thought*
Zleiphneir: oh great, so now it's just in my head.
Jubaris: Sir Z, I'm glad to be here with you and hear what you have to say!
Zleiphneir: likewise your featheryness.
Jubaris: Please, tell me about your beginnings. After the box opened, was it Bob or Steve?
: Jubaris points the creepy doll at Z so he can speak
Zleiphneir: er... *looks at the doll* ...well...
Zleiphneir: it was Bob...but I didn't have any say in that...
Zleiphneir: the people of the realm named Tree far before I arrived here
Zleiphneir: a chap called speaker for the dead looked after Tree for a while, apparently, before my existence
Zleiphneir: but I hear he we rather violent and didnt talk much...
Zleiphneir: was*
Zleiphneir: I never met him, which is a bit weird really.
: Jubaris nods
Jubaris: You decided to guard the tree right from the very start?
Zleiphneir: well...no. I liked the scenery and wandered about a lot. I met Mur by accident by angien's ferry one day.
Zleiphneir: I tended to just wander about, drinking at the local pub, windy's, and generally being a troublesome oik
Zleiphneir: there was a sparring ground and everyone kept telling me about how I was supposed to do this and that
Zleiphneir: and respect this person and that person....none of whom I had ever met or heard of
Zleiphneir: I didnt take very kindly to that so caused a bit of trouble *chuckles* as you do
Zleiphneir: but then I kept seeing all these people walking by Tree and watering him
Zleiphneir: and they didnt water any other Tree, and it was odd
Zleiphneir: so I poked around a while and then someone told me Tree was special, and sometimes if very lucky he bloomed, bt nobody knew how or why really
Zleiphneir: so I stayed with him, for a very long time, and everyone got weirded out and kept asking why I never moved
Zleiphneir: and then I just got totally attached to him and one day someone tried to hurt him and that was it. I wasn't having it. So I decided Tree was the best and didn't leave again.
: Zleiphneir pats Bob
Zleiphneir: *whispers* everyone thought was Morpheus in disguise for a while you know.
Jubaris: *smiles* Really interesting story. And the contrast between an inquisitive younger self, making troubles, with the now seen legacy of patience and Bob-guarding
Zleiphneir: I*
Zleiphneir: well...I'm still a trouble maker you know *chuckles*
Jubaris: Maybe when you moon-walk while you slumber *sticks his tongue out*
Zleiphneir: customised Bob-Walk.
Jubaris: Sir Z, your presence here is one of the most famous stories. Guarding the tree from many troublemakers has earned you a reputation of a fierce knight and defender
Jubaris: --While-- having a creature shield, for that matter!
: Zleiphneir laughs
Jubaris: Does Bob give some secret energy-giving fruit that makes you tick so long and with such strength?
Zleiphneir: Time is a funny thing, people see it all sorts of different ways. Tree lets you see it in a very particular way, that's all.
Jubaris: Now, my memory stretches far. There was a brave fellow Blackwood Forest, you even intended him to step in and be your pair, or replacement if things go nasty.
: Zleiphneir nods
Zleiphneir: I in fact intended him to replace me
Zleiphneir: I have attempted that a few times, he was the most promising....but he didn't have it in him in the end
Zleiphneir: it's surprisingly difficult to just stand here and look after Tree apparently.
Jubaris: Single case I witnessed of such weight, yes. But not a surprise for him to go that far, he was a Savelite, eh? *cough cough*
Jubaris: Speaking of which
Jubaris: The only ally I ever seen you in were the Savelites, helping Grido maintain it for a while.
: Zleiphneir nods
Jubaris: How was this short experience?
Zleiphneir: extremely strange....
Zleiphneir: Thesavelites was an alliance I didn't want to see disappear, it had excellent promise
Zleiphneir: such a brilliant and cohesive message
Zleiphneir: and lots of potential foractivities of interest and art and activity
Zleiphneir: I wanted to maintain it and ensure it didn't go anywhere, so I got involved to try to help it along
Zleiphneir: but it all got rather political rather quickly, and as you know my efforts didnt really achieve anything
Zleiphneir: still, I think it was worth trying none the less.
: Jubaris accents the moment
: [Spell] Exaudio iDfZys102oc
: Zleiphneir laughs
Jubaris: (again i dont hear it - can you?)
: Zleiphneir clicks his fongers along with the music
Zleiphneir: (yea I can hear it. Ive heard voice is doing this, that the caster can't hear it, you might want to let Chew know)
Jubaris: (it worked for me before, but what's important is that your ears catch it)
Zleiphneir: (lol yes, I can hear it, Im amused)
Jubaris: (sorry for the interuption and Kyphis, take care of this offtopic chatter and remove :D)
Jubaris: Your efforts did achieve something, it flavored the history
Jubaris: Now I have an extra argument when describing the swag of the movement
Jubaris: But finally, you have an alliance of your own
Zleiphneir: I do.
Jubaris: I anticipate a problem though - what happens when you meet someone, then you welcome him into your home, but that person replies
Jubaris: "Dude, that's no man's home (land) !"
Zleiphneir: well everyone believes I'm a goat no? so they'd be correct.
Zleiphneir: currently it is home to an intrigue, a WHIsper and a goat *chuckles* .
: Jubaris nods and smiles
: Ungod waves in his passing
: Zleiphneir waves
: Jubaris waves to Ungod the passanger
Jubaris: We're reaching the end, my friend, only few more!
Zleiphneir: *smiles* I have as much time as you require.
Jubaris: You've repelled many persistent enemies - which was the most troublesome? And why Ledah? *grins*
Zleiphneir: *laughs* well now let's see....
Zleiphneir: Ledah was definitly a continual thorn in the side. A perpetual issue, he liked to appear, cause mayhem, and leave.
Zleiphneir: Dst is the most verbally obtrusive enemy of Tree, constantly sharp tongued that one
Zleiphneir: I think...the most persistent enemy though is something else
: Jubaris gasps
Zleiphneir: It's more, the magnitude of the entrophic energy at any given time. The will to simply burn the world, because what else is there to do?
Zleiphneir: That little gem of a force is my most persistent annoyance and most troublesome seed in Tree's attackers.
: *Miq* passed Gold coin to Zleiphneir
Zleiphneir: so I'll give that title to that feeling we all know.
: *Miq* passed Gold coin to Zleiphneir
*Miq*: Congrats!
Zleiphneir: thank you Miq!
Jubaris: *nods and claps, getting a few tears in his eyes* Bravo!
: Zleiphneir chuckles
Jubaris: enough torture! My friend, thank you, one more, easy one for you
Jubaris: On a scale of 2 to 10, how many times is Bob better than Awiiya's tree?
Zleiphneir: One more time than anyone can ever count to.
Zleiphneir: *looks skywards* Sorry Awii, but you're just not the one.
Jubaris: Ladies and gentlemen, that was Zleiphneir the Guardian of Bob! *smiles and shakes his hand*
Zleiphneir: *shakes hands and grins* thansk Jubaris, that was a most enjoyable experience.
Jubaris: Likewise, old chap! Thank you for your time!
Jubaris: I'll give this PURE GOLD to my editor, hoping he won't cut out some of the profits *wink wink wink*
: Zleiphneir laughs
Jubaris: I mean lines.
Zleiphneir: I have a good lawyer, don't worry.
Jubaris: If he can manage them to pay me by the word, I would be a rich man and finally use my talents
Zleiphneir: we'll see about creating a better contract for you then!
Jubaris: Toodles, Z, until next time! *salutes*
Zleiphneir: I think youre rather talented at what you do already, however.
Zleiphneir: *nods his head to Jubaris* keep well my friend.


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It would look cool, and I like the occasional activity MD social accounts produced, but would it serve any purpose at this point?

Perhaps as part of some larger picture - recruiting campaign for new people, or festival of activity that encourages older players to return.

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