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Tithes for the Gray


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: You receive a flyer of unknown origin

Tithes for the Gray

Come one come all!

This Friday the Thirteenth, all day, join us as we commemorate an event in our past, and seek guidance as to the direction of our future.

Let us rejoice in the traditions of Khalazdad: We shall sacrifice creatures in the name of Shades!

Bring your elemental eggs, bird eggs, barren souls, or whatever else you wish to sacrifice.

Each sacrifice shall be imparted with an incantation or poem or even but a word, perhaps detailing why it is fitting to summon a Shade, or how it might coax one.

Sacrifices shall take place at Fenths Toiler or Fenths Press, anywhere else may not reach them in time.

Sacrifices may take place all day, perhaps even before or after, though Shades aren't known for their leniency...

Participants are urged to write of their sacrifices and incantations on the back of this flyer and fret not, its contents will be shared with those who need to know of them regardless of what you do with it afterward.

: You give it a confused look and file it away for later use

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: You feel the talons of a crow dig into your shoulder, strange that you didn't hear it approach. It drops a small note in your hand, upon the reading of which the crow disappears silently.


Gather outside the Howling Gates in the morning hours (server time) of the appointed day and you may be taken to the toiler.

Fight each other with the cause "Tithes" and pray, if enough such prayers are heard in time they may just be answered.

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: You don't notice as a snake slithers up your leg. You recoil at first but then calm when you see it offering you YET ANOTHER note

Discovery has changed our circumstances, the previous note is to be ignored.

Write your name on this note if you wish to be taken to the Toiler, and be sure you are present or idle/logout outside the Howling Gates on the day of, before 9 server time

You will have a day to make your sacrifices and take in the scenery.

: You throw away that last note since your pockets are almost overflowing, and store this one, eager to find a writing implement and make your mark

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I've learned through much trial, time, and error, that Lash much like Chew is to be trusted, especially when he doesn't reveal his entire plan.

Very few people in my heart and mind have earned that right, & quite appropriately, very few people harbor that sort of patience understanding and insight.

You have my support in spirit Pip, as do you in your questing wherever it may take you Nava. As friends, healthy rivals, and elements of forced growth, our paths seem to always intertwine.

As the fire does not question the air which fuels, as the earth does not hold a grudge against the water that reshapes it, I accept you both for who you are and welcome the adventure.

An open mind is the Magic as an indecisive heart is the Duel, and as always, it is up to each of Us to make them One, much like MagicDuel has made us One. May MD fuel you as much as you fuel MD. May the outer Winds always fuel your inner Fires.

 ~ The Phoenix Fang

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Pipstickz: First, for the privilege of my presence
: Pipstickz sacrificed Water Daimon I
Pipstickz: Next, for those poor defiled souls cursed to roam, let them find themselves a torturous new home
: Pipstickz sacrificed Barren Soul
: Pipstickz sacrificed Barren Soul
: Pipstickz sacrificed Barren Soul
Pipstickz: Next, for the wind that blows cross this land, let it chill to the bone and sting your eyes with sand (grr NC is not a desert!)
: Pipstickz sacrificed Little Bird
: Pipstickz sacrificed Little Bird
: Pipstickz sacrificed Majestic Winderwild
Pipstickz: Next, for the fire I pray will cleanse, let a spark become immense
: Pipstickz sacrificed Elemental I
: Pipstickz sacrificed Elemental I
Pipstickz: Finally, for those defiled souls who found their home in the dead, allow them to rest as they have long pled
: Pipstickz sacrificed Tormented Soul
: Pipstickz sacrificed Tormented Soul
: Pipstickz sacrificed Revolted Skill Vampire
: Pipstickz sits in the dust
lashtal: May I borrow your fenths?
: Pipstickz blinks
Pipstickz: My stack, the one in my inventory?
lashtal: *nods* 2 defiled souls were totemized long ago...
Pipstickz: Ah I see, please do
: Pipstickz passed Fenths to lashtal
Pipstickz: It wouldn't be a sacrifice if it didn't hurt, heh
lashtal: It's time for them to return to their reality.
: lashtal consumed Fenths to bring back to life a Barren Soul Creature Totem
: lashtal consumed Fenths to bring back to life a Tormented Soul Creature Totem
: lashtal sacrificed Barren Soul
: lashtal sacrificed Tormented Soul
: lashtal passed Fenths to Pipstickz
Pipstickz: My thanks for the prompt return

A log of the sacrifices of lashtal and I

Thanks to lash for remembering to take it!

Edited by Pipstickz
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Downvoted due to choice of altars... although I guess it makes sense. I sacrificed fal in golemus because by some random turn of events most of mallos' principles ended up being GG principles...  not that im going to start explaining my votes

the only one i picked willingly was time

Edited by Mallos
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