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Combiners and the like


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A idea i had today.

All the combiners have resources left in them by players gone or players who don't care to finish the amount needed and so on. 

So i was thinking that why not make a tool to mine the combiners. Not with particular accuracy on who's stuff get's removed from there and what is the end result (bulb of toxic plants. toxic plants, impotent flask of toxic plants for example the one combiner).


Offering this idea for few reasons,

1)Otherwise the combiners will end up being filled with stupid amount of stuff for no good. 

2)It's interesting/fun

3)depending on how it's implemented might allow even to sabotage someone(s)



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I want to hear more about how this tool works (i.e., how it's accessed, reliability, skills required, limitations on use, etcetera).

Also, can someone refresh my memory on the difference between fillable clickables / combiners. And are all combiners "forked combiners" or is that a subset? Looks like the latter, because I just found a reference to "progressive combiners"? Also, which of these are shared between players and which are for individuals? Or is this a setting per clickable/combiner?

I would also be interested in seeing a third option in the middle: not individual, not global, but team (or alliance, or land, or tag, or...).

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Combiners come in multiple ways yes. personal progression, multiple diffrent items and personal, and both for shared progression. 


As to the tools then

Shared (one per land or alliance but still shared)

reliability depends on the actual amount of possible outcomes but for getting the same thing out that you mined 10%

getting into the who can pick up, cooldown, transferable or not and such i'll not go.

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