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Santa goes underground

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Since I am the kind of guy that gets inspiration from everything, reading about the Golden Lily Operation gave me an idea for a contest (what can I say, god works in mysterious ways...). 


This will probably run on the 24th (or maybe even 25th), in the evening. The story is that Santa has hidden his sack somewhere and now has to dig to get it. The exact location of the sack, however, is unknown, so he has to dig and dig...and dig. The participants will be divided into two teams, given five minutes to decide on the route and the initial position of Santa  and then go for it, announcing number and letter (example: square B2). Between the moves, each team has a 2 mins deliberation time (in case they decide to go for another route). The first team to find the sack (which will be hidden on a square somewhere on the last two lines) wins.

The 'map' is small, (5)6x6, so it won't take long. Santa cannot move diagonally. On the way, you will find obstacles and extra bounty. Things like silver and gold mean extra bounty, a reindeer cart will give an additional turn, while the wine bottle will substract one turn. The mole is giving an extra square to Santa, never diagonally, and Rudolph does nothing...well, it does ask you for a cracker. While you choose the squares, I will have a map similar to this one and will tell you where you landed. 


Max participants per team: 5; I don't know what will be the general participation, but I can't accept more than 5 per team, so if you want to have a certain place in the contest, write your name in this thread. (Will update the post with rewards)

I am also attaching an empty 'map' to use during the contest.





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