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I don't know how crazy Santa is about photographs, but I'm sure he doesn't mind an album to reminisce the good ol' days.

So let's do that - the task is to create such an album (6 images minimum) with Santa Claus visiting MD scenes (ex. making a victory sign in the Drachorn Cave, unloading gifts at GoE etc). What he does in those scenes is up to you (just...keep it decent). 

Submissions will be posted in this thread, and votes (up or down, love or...well, we don't have hate) will count.

  • Last day for submission is 25th Dec.
  • post will be updated with rewards 
  • here be answers to (your) questions regarding this quest
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Soo...for now, 1st place gets one Santa and 1g

                          2nd place gets a set of 3 LR archer totems (the b&w version) and a brilliant diamond

                          3rd place gets 1g 5s.


I extend the deadline to 30th dec, but not any later.


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Love it.


(What I didn't say is that you don't have to necessarily draw. It didn't cross my mind it would be assumed to be drawing only...and nobody asked, either)

edit: oh yeah, forgot to say an extra 5s is added to first three places, and I'm adding  a fourth place with 1g.

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