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Who's that guy?

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I'm not at the age where I can receive gifts from Santa anymore (although I write him yearly, asking for a winning lottery ticket), so I've forgotten all about it. I suppose once you don't get your free gifts anymore, you don't care. This year I asked myself - who is that guy? One answer is  'the reason why shopping malls and stores are filled with moronic items and fake discounts to create mass consumer hysteria, akin to black Friday where servers shutdown from overload (NOT, just a marketing strategy) and old women trample each other to death for a 20% off to pans'. Another is  'the hostage to Coca-Cola ads, who managed to create such a brand that inmates condemned to lethal injection (this includes murderers of the worst type) ask for a coke before death'. Yet another is less practical and involves me knowing that Asians also have their guy, called Budai or Hotei, who's basically a chubby man with a sack full of goodies and sweets, who pays excessive attention to children. It would be easy to say that Budai is a 'type' of Buddha, but what if the myriad types of Buddha simply overlapped existing gods? What if there was a fat god who loved children and carried a sack with goodies? What if Santa Claus is universal and it's based on an archetype of a cheerful man who loves children, not because he's a deviant, but because he couldn't have any, and so is kinder than parents normally are? Not sure, just speculating.

But if that were true, then the holiday of Santa Claus would be a holiday dedicated to children everywhere, and, if you're an adult and receive a gift (lucky!), you can accept it with no worries (basically, a holy day where debts are not created as per usual). For most people, though, this holiness would soon be turned into a mass hysteria about getting the right present, hating the present you received, fighting other people over the 'last item my child wants so much' etc. Nothing can do about it, it's human nature to forget the meaning of things. Those who don't forget, can enjoy it, I believe.

Wall of text aside, this topic has a role - I'm going to link here this year's Xmas quests, to keep things organized. 





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