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(post will be updated with rewards, stay tuned)


We have, more or less, an idea about Santa's residence in the outside realm, but what about MD? Where does Santa live all year round, to conveniently appear _only_ at Christmas? What does he do all year, how does he prepare for Xmas, does he live alone or in company, how does he keep himself hidden?

Write a short essay (350 words minimum)  in which you answer these questions, adding whatever you feel necessary to describe MD's Santa Claus.


  • The last day for submission (by forum PM to yours truly) is 24th Dec.
  • here be rewards
  • here be added answers to whatever questions you have about the quest
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  • 3 weeks later...

Ok, deadline extended to the 29th of Dec. I have been quite busy and I realised sometimes people need more time (even if I announced it almost three weeks ago)

Prizes: 1 acousticremains and 1g 5s for first place

             1 teletoPC and 1 g for second place

             1 voice and 5s for third and fourth place



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