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A shade's sibling - A quest of the 14th Anniversary

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Upon recent events I did find myself within the Dead, with little company, save for the Death Guards, a very kind wookie, and, in curiosity, a shade.

This shade did say naught, but did pass to myself a small stone tablet, that which I do exhibit herewith. With time, I believe I did realise of its meaning, and did reveal it to the shade; who then finally did speak, in gratefulness, that it should finally understand of what its sibling did write.

Those who message myself the solution upon the Forum shall be in contention for rewards that I have petitioned of Chewett and Ailith - a Wishpoint and anniversary creature for the first to provide its solution, and a second anniversary creature to the second to do so.

Entries are now open, and shall close upon the close of the anniversary celebrations, fourteen days hence.

I shall accept only of solutions in private-message upon the forum - entries posted elsewhere shall not be accepted.

MD Shade Sibling.png

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As there do appear to be some that do attempt of this quest, but do find difficulty, I state now that there are certainly clues that may aid one in solving of it, contained within the above; this is the first hint.

Edited by Aia del Mana
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As I am aware of many who are attempting of this quest, and wish not of wasted effort, I have petitioned Ailith for further anniversary creatures to be granted to those who are able to solve this quest by the close of the anniversary - at least for the third and fourth to solve this quest.

Edited by Aia del Mana
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And Jubaris were the first to solve this quest - notably, without any requirement for the use of any hints.

Jubaris, when I am able (when the ability to grant wishpoints were returned; I believe it presently doth not function) a wishpoint were owed to thee.

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As the anniversary's close were nigh, if thou didst attempt of this quest, I would that thou didst message myself of thy progress, that I may verify an attempt had been made in good-will, and thus ensure the provision of plushies to all that did attempt to solve this quest - please do so afore the close.


The solution shall be posted upon the anniversary's close, with explanation.

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Here do I close this quest, as I believe there were naught that wish a further last-minute entry.

So Jubaris did, in fact, decipher the stone tablet within a matter of hours of release of this quest, and did then take of many days to answer the final riddle; I commend especially of his ability to decipher.

The hints are as follows:

1. There exist hints.
2. The shade's sibling is a blind. (The shade's other sibling were an awning.) Naturally, the blind shall send a message in Braille; the tablet above is indeed comprised of a cipher in Braille, with connected dots, save for one symbol.

This shall yield of this:

every rose has its þorn
þnf etfe þhd þnimfe eh fltdþ ni fetylþ
þt wltfftu uh sniu hs egdþ yiu btylþ
þt þnir þhd fttmfe uhþ kngghg þtt
yiu edgif þa þhdroef bnþni eh ftt


3. I am the third hint. Those who have spoken to myself within the realm do know that I do speak somewhat in the archaic, although not truly so. This doth explain the symbol þ - "thorn" - used in older inscriptions of English. Upon the commencement of the printing-press, this did fall into disuse; yet, it remains still in Icelandic tongues in this form; its pronounciation, and transliteration, were as the dipthong "th".

A simple substitution, then, with this character in place, yields the following riddle (save for the first line, a key to its decipherment.)

This test thou thinkst to sleuth in stealth
The blessed do find of truth and wealth
The thing thou seekst doth mirror thee
And turns thy thoughts within to see.

4. The final key were suggestive of the solution. If one finds which letters in Braille do correspond to those within this cipher:
a = y
b = w
d = u
e = t
f = s
g = r
h = o
i = n
k = m
l = l

One further notes that these are reflected - in example, f shall become s, and vice versa. 

The answer to the riddle, then, is reflection - that which mirrors thee, and turns thy thoughts within to see.

To all those that participated, I thank thee for honouring myself with thine efforts - thus far, I have received of partial attempts from Rophs and Aelis, as well as a complete solution from Jubaris.

Edited by Aia del Mana
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The thorn messed me up. Should have realized considering it is literally a thorn and all the other characters only contain straight lines.

I did try and brute force my way through the substitution cypher, but couldn't find a good combination for the "the", "thee" and "see" combination. I even thought of "tee" and "see" for a while, but "tee" wasn't quite right and "te" didn't really work either, so eventually decided it probably was some other form of encryption.

Alas, it was an interesting puzzle. Compliments to Jubaris on figuring it out.

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This cipher was more difficult than usual, I assume archaic English was largely to blame (even though I'm sure most of us expected it will be archaic because it's Aia's quest), but I had some success with MD's ciphers so far so I managed to pass it after a few stepping stones.

But the riddle was a killer for me :)) 

No hints were really of substantial help, it was just a whole week of guessing after guessing.

Actually the hints seemed like a quest for themselves :)) 

What I want to say about Aia's questmaking... I think it's a proper MD style of a quest, and I would like her to continue to create such puzzles (and riddles), because they are proving to be a temporary brick wall, which can make players appreciate the adventure of solving it rather than steam roll.

I would just suggest to remove the competition part, because it's a lot of stress trying to be first in something you're obviously having issues with :)) 

If there would be a clickie quest with a permanent static reward, that would be perfect for this kind of quest difficulty. You leave it be for a while and then return to it with fresh mind and no time pressure.

Thank you all for your kind words!

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