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Guardians of the Root


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Greetings Everybody,

The Alliance of Loreroot is composed of people who love the region of Loreroot and are ready to protect it until their death.

We are not an attack army but only a defensive army, we dont want to do the war but if Loreroot is attacked, whatever the identity of the attaquants, we will response by force if necessary, we are able to fight and to defens ourselves.

The alliance is actually composed by two parts, the guardians of the root and the support Lorerootian Group.

The guardians of the root have 10 seats and each guardians plays a specific role into the Loreroot forest. You can talk to them to have some informations about their role or about Loreroot in general.

The support Lorerootian Group is composed by all persons who wants to join Loreroot and protect Loreroot, there isnt a limited number of places into this group so everyone can join us and play the role he wants for Loreroot.

Loreroot Alliance is leaded by the Nymph of Loreroot .NelyaSetesh. and the Lorerootian Army Commander Eden.

We have an alliance treaty with Golemus Alliance. So we share informations with them and dont attack them. If they are under attack, we can help them if they request our help.


Nymph of Loreroot, member of High Concil of Loreroot

Members of Guardians of the Root (OA)

.NelyaSetesh. (Nymph of Loreroot, alliance leader)

Eden (Lorerootian Army Commander)

*Glaistig* (temporary Master of Spies)

Raven (Support Group Manager)


.Knator Commander.



Crazy Marind


Raven is our latest member to the official alliance. Welcome ;)

Members of Loreroot Support Group (SG)

*Raven47* moved to OA


Akabane Kuro



Calyx of Isis






Dahc Nosral




Urgot de Narock



Loreroot is now composed of two distinct groups. The official alliance (OA) , the guardians of the root, and the support group (SG) linked to the alliance, the support group is an alliance without banner but working also for Loreroot and protect it as the main Alliance.

The most active people in the SG will enter in the OA to congrat its active role and its devotion for Loreroot. As the contrary an no active member of the OA will enter in the SG until its activity become again important.

This system is based of the activity of players to motivate people and have an active and strong alliance. (If someone goes on holiday in the OA, it isnt considering like an acitivty, just post on the forum to inform us of your holiday).

For the moment the OA has only 10 seats but if we are more than 10 active people, Nelya will ask to Mur to upgrade the number of seats.

Please visit the Recruitment section of the Loreroot fansite forums to apply to be a SG member.

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Hum very well Venger,

So what is the purpose of the Guardians of the Root ?

Our alliance has been formed to protect the beautiful region of Loreroot, we are not an army, just a defensive force, we dont want to do war, we prefer doing some research about nature...

But if someone, or something, wants to attack Loreroot, we are ready to find and destroy them. We are peaceful first but we know how to use force to protect us.

Actually Wodin and me have signed an alliance traity between our two alliances.

I don't recruit anymore for the moment but if you want to bring something to Loreroot alliance don't hesitate, i m always here to hear you.

Lady NelyaSetesh

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Call me necrothreader. I would like to see a bit more of a mission statement on the GotR alliance. Also, as this is the self titled GotR thread, perhaps an update for those who come here looking for what is going on in the alliance? Perhaps this thread should be removed and another created? Or perhaps a GotR: updated. Aught be created.

That having been said, what is the purpose of GotR? Just protecting LR? What defines protecting LR? For example, say I came in and decided I wanted to take over LR, but you're all free to live there and continue about your business. Obviously there would be issue with this and I would either be killed or thrown in jail. (possibly just thrown out as I am no particular real threat).

I guess I'm asking, who's interests,are you protecting? Or what group of people's interests. I hear a lot of lets protect LR, but what do you mean by that?

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Ok, let's see... Well, I never officially resigned from the guardians, so I guess my words should still count, but I haven't followed all the updates on the alliance lately, and thus all I know is the purpose of the old alliance. I figure it would be the same, but maybe it has change, I don't know. But anyways, the purpose of the original Guardians of the Root is to defend the Land of Loreroot, especially during the at-that-time-impending shade war. The 2nd purpose, after the shade war was over, was to develop and improve the land.

Edit: What defines protecting LR? hmm.. I took it as defending the Land itself from danger. Loreroot, like most other land other than Golemus, is a masterless land. No king, no ruler, no nothing. Protecting LR means protecting the Land itself from danger. Taking over (or, more appropriately, gaining control over) the land of Loreroot is not really something the GotR will be interfering with, unless they feel that the person trying to control the land is not going to bring good to the land.

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Necrothreading indeed. This, I believe has already been answered in the very first thread in the GOTR section, the recruitment one.
I'll repeat what is said there.

The Guardians of the Root are a defensive force for Loreroot. Thus we have a militaristic duty to Loreroot. However, we are a defensive force and our focus is on protecting the forest and nurturing it. Therefore, we are not a body of professional soldiers, but of people dedicated to the preservation and growth of the forest.
Each member has a duty to keep themselves fighting fit and ready to fight if needed, but also to nurture and develop the forest and its inhabitants.

When the mods have more time I will speak to them about possibly archiving some threads and tidying things up a bit. You have to appreciate though that they are quite busy at the moment and I don't feel that this is a very pressing matter. With all the recent changes, however, I agree that perhaps a newer fresher approach to the GOTR section might be better.


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damn it, i remember almost all the names on that list XD

Windy, Venger as character is gone since ages, when you meet him, it's either no one or dst toying with the acc :D
also, take a look at the date of the post, and the totally oooold facts in the initial post...
i suggest this thred gets closed and moved to historic docs to prevent further confusion, the new GotR have their own threads after all XD

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Yes, Venger was a real player but he quit (in time I might say) due to the fact that he was spending too much time playing the game. But before leaving he left the password.
Venger was the puppet we used to get Loreroot :P
Now he is just a test account (maybe more if I will think it's necessary).

Hope it was useful.
I will close it now :P

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