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Can something PLEASE be done about the regeneration ability?

I just lost 3000 xp on 6 different creatures in a battle that I won.

I did 91% damage to the enemy. His 2 Trees started at about 3000 vitality each, and ended dead.

So why did I lost the XP?

I'm having enough trouble getting XP for my creatures even without being set back by a while week's worth of fighting in a single battle, especially one I won.

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As I told you there in the chat, this is not a bug, it is feature :).

I mean that the regeneration is finally working properly (as supposed).

First tip when you encounter such rituals :P if you don't like them :) then don't attack again.

:) Ok, with exp ... I can help you (not a week but 2 - 3 fights)

Have fun.

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Why is that working properly?

The way I understand it, you get 1 xp per point of damage you do, and lose 1 xp per point the enemy heals.

Added up, it means that if I did positive overall damage I should get positive overall xp.

From what I've seen, however, xp gain is capped by the enemy's starting vitality, while negative xp isn't capped at all, which is, like I said in the chat, absurd.

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Like I said, I can understand losing xp when doing negative damage.

What I'm saying is that if I end up doing a positive amount of damage, I should end up getting a positive amount of xp.

I understand the need to have a way to lose xp, but is it really necessary to make gaining xp that much harder?

I'm new to mp5, and I can barely win against most players. I get between 50 to 300 xp for each creature in the battles I can actually win, and since everyone has level 5 elementals I lose xp just about every 3rd battle.

Like I said, I worked a whole week for those 3000 xp that I lost in a single battle.

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The regen ability can easily be abused, I think. However, I think few people actually stick regenerating creatures in order to make the enemy lose exp no matter what unless it's premeditated and designed for a partner who needs it.. a lot of people in mp5 actually need the negative exp.

I'm not entirely sure the regen was supposed to be a device for negative exp in the first place. If so, the ability description misleads one to think it is a bug.

If you're having trouble defeating other players, hmm.. While you may be new, there are usually tons of players sitting at Willows with low VE. Perhaps you may want to figure out a way to attack and defeat their creatures mostly in the first turn (so they can't attack you) and be invulnerable to the elementals' targeting. There is one.

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I do know how to defeat the elementals.

And I do know enough to attack people with low vitality.

However, attacking people with low vitality gets you low amounts of xp.

Which would be OK. It'd take a while, but eventually I'd be able to level up my creatures. I was actually doing pretty well, until I lost in one battle the amount of XP I normally gain in 20.

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The regeneration is now a mechanism to lose xp. There are lots of mp5s that are maxed out and cannot play. So this is a way to help them. Also you will encounter regeneration on players that use random rituals.

As I told you before: if you encounter these types of rituals, don't attack again.

I have these rituals but when I use them I have a good reason and I usually warn other players not to attack me.

If you were an older player you would have appreciated the benefits of regen (actually I hope you'll not have the need to use it).

Hint: regen can be beaten. You just need to find the right rit.

Again have fun. :)

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Like I said, I do appreciate the need older players to lose XP. Although this is yet another thing that hurts players who are new to mp5, since those older players can now become infinitely powerful.

And yeah, if I get hit by that ritual I won't attack it again. but even getting hit once for a few thousand XP is crippling, at my stage.

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I understand and you're right: it's frustrating to want to raise you creatures and to lose xp instead of gaining it but only malicious players use regen (when they want to do bad on purpose). Also as I told you the players that have random def use it (cause it's random) and you cannot blame them or make them create rituals. Got my idea? :)

At a given moment mp6 will be released so all those powerful players will go there.

Few old players afford to lose xp (if you do no know losing xp comes (at the moment) with a great price) so they must think wisely at what they want to do.

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