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Of a realm-shredder, and mischief of Mur

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Excerpt from A Realm Reshaped, Ch2, as told to Aia

Mur looked up from his makeshift desk in the Paper Cabin. Ever since the removal of Flash, things had just not been quite right. Mur gritted his teeth and reached for the quill in the corner of the desk. His fingers closed around the quill, but it wouldn't move, and it just wouldn't turn amber. Aia must have forgotten to make it a clicky, he thought, as he reached into his satchel instead. Rough, rapid quill-strokes covered the scroll in front of him; the intricate form of an odd contraption took form in real-time. Mur smiled; this was his best invention yet, something to turn all the jobs for the realm into bite-size tasks. Rolling up the scroll, he placed it back into his satchel and walked off toward the Laboratory.


MUR! The furious scream of a wookie scorned thundered throughout the Laboratory, just enough to be heard over the happy whirr of Mur's contraption.

Mur sighed and looked up; his resigned gaze speaking volumes of words, all of them "What now?". Chewett pointed to the ever growing pile of shredding.

"You can't just shred MD into small pieces! Look at it now!"

"Ah," said Mur, "but you see, it doesn't just shred things into smaller pieces, but it makes the pieces come back together again, see?" Mur picked up a handful of shredded... material, and it slowly started to piece itself together again.

Mur picked up the Gazebo of Equilibrium and placed it firmly on the shredder.

"NO!" shouted Chewett, as he dived at the most complicated scene he had ever had to code. Gazebo safely in hand, he slowly stood up and banished Mur to a scene which had not been made yet. This should buy some time, he thought, as he slowly gathered some of the shredded scenes.

Chewett looked at the mess in his hands:

Feel Dove Ear
Trying Quail Plane
Hail Lady Inn
Stitch You All
Miss You Tube Ridge
Aim Joel Sherman
Gore Dean As Plan Add
Gate Warren Are
Loan Lair And Dab Rout
Dream Ought Arm Pill
Rick Merge And Tailoring
Bore Drive Yet Are
Adjust Tiara Lay
Ten Pieces For Tea

Of course, Mur had not only shredded them by name, but also, by sound. However, Mur was right - they had come back together again.

The question remains, then: what were the scenes that Chewett has found?

Answers should be submitted to myself via Forum PM; the first to answer all scenes correctly shall win an Anniversary Creature and two gold pieces; the second an anniversary creature, and all other complete and correct submissions will receive four silver pieces.

Edited by Aia del Mana
removed incorrect scene name
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2 hours ago, Aia del Mana said:

The winners are as follows:

First place: Ailith
Equal second place: Tissy and Aelis (owing to the incorrectly assembled scene)
Fourth: Ledah

Entries are still open; four silver pieces will be granted to all further solutions that were correct and complete.

Congratulations winners! Aia, how long will this quest be open for?

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