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Looking for idioms


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One of my newest most favorite things to do is to turn idioms in other languages and transliterate them into BAD English memes.

Please help me with this endeavor.

Thank you.

The goal of this is to:

A) Provide me with immense amusement while not exhausting my MD meme-fodder for next year's quest

B) Provide you with at least a modicum of entertainment

C) Teach me and others who view this topic about the idiosyncratic interactions between language and culture through idioms.

For your consideration:


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I think if you do it like this:

Idiom: Kad na vrbi rodi grožđe

meaning: When the impossible happens, when pigs fly

Then... when I have obviously and hilariously googled the meaning, since google does transliterations first, not translations (for the most part) I'll make a meme out of it like this:



And this way, when you're like what the heck is that? I'll kindly explain that it is when grapes grow on willows @Jubaris is this right?

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Nice! You got it right. Although, maybe you should have edited Willow's walk as a cherry on top :D


Here's another one: napio se ko majka

Literal translation: got drunk like a mother

Origin: probably something to do with alcohol as an anesthetic for women in labour 

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It’s totally another meaning but it’s funny. 

this idiom is used when someone fails and is in deep desperation. 

if it’s said by the same party, it indicates the temporary retreat is not shameful and he/she will return some day in the future  

If it’s said by another party, it’s to prevent someone doing stupid things like ending its life. 

word by word it means:

as long as there is a mountain (keep some important resources, usually it points to the people)

there would always be wood. ( you would survive and restore from the disaster)

So some translations are:

live to fight another day. 
where there is life, there is hope. 

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A Vaca Foi Pro Brejo Significado - Vaca Importante

Translates "... and the cow went to the swamp". 
This expression is used when an initially good or neutral situation becomes worse. It's equivalent to "go to the dogs" in English..

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