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Pip's Pacifism Parade

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Welcome one, welcome all! I invite you to join the parade and write your opinion on the idea of pacifism on a societal (or bigger, or smaller, your choice in the end) scale. Write me your thoughts for or against or both or neither, but don't hold back! If anyone finds this is far too open ended then make your voice heard, and I'll shout back some prompts for everybody to hear. Please do remember to write your entries to me privately though as anything otherwise may affect the ideas of others, though I wouldn't dare stop anyone from their private discussion. All that being said, entries will be judged on

x/10 Well reasoned

x/10 Meaningful but concise (not too long not too short, use your judgement)

x/5 Interesting

Paraders may find an anniversary creature as reward at the end, and maybe some other prizes too. (Firmed rewards TBD)

(Entries due by the end of the Anniv, and the parade theme is just a theme, I have no real intention of trying to wrangle all participants in the same place at the same time! Though if they spontaneously organized into a parade, that could be very cool! Much cooler than spontaneous combustion, though that's cool too.)

Good luck folks!

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It took some convincing, but our judges (me) finally got off their lazy rear ends and produced a judgement.

First place goes to Nepgear for exquisite marching and nailing the high notes - 20

Second place goes to Ungod for creative maneuvers with expressive movements - 18

Third place goes to Tamu for carrying the bass end of our songs - 13

Fourth place goes to Fang Archbane for highly energetic dance moves - 9

Thank you all for marching with us! Thank you too, our audience, for watching!

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