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Chewett's Decree

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Hello everyone!

This quest is about a proclamation the King and Grand Duke, Chewett made. I will post where and how to start this quest once registration closes. There will be infantile MDScript involved, so if something doesn't work, please let me know (though I'm on a phone and therefore not much use in changing it)

Once you have read the introduction section of the quest (there's 5 parts), then it will tell you to come back here. Then post here which route you choose.

This quest has 3 different pathways: 

A) Artistic: where you create your own ritual of transforming the creature-must start quest to get guidelines 

 B) Basic clickie: Where you follow in darkraptor's footsteps using his journal to make the transformation occur (has basic riddles to make you find next location---some clickies were created for this quest, so you'll have to examine scenes with care as new clickies may be there-or defunct clickies turned to mdscript) and

C) Cipher: Where you take the final page of darkraptor's journal and decrypt what it says and follow its instructions

Once you choose a specific route, you will need to declare it here. Once you declare, the path that you chose must be the path that you finish with. For obvious reasons, I will be looking at timestamps, if you complete the survey within 20 minutes of my posting here, then I know that you probably didn't read whatever was in the boxes or had somehow got a headstart. (I timed it myself several times). Your time will automatically be changed to 30 minutes from posting or whatever won't let you win. (so yeah, don't test me :P)

The first person to complete will receive an elu &2GC, 2nd & 3rd will receive 1 old, old crit from me or a just-released crit, and 4th&5th will receive 2 random spellstones and 2SC each. All participants will receive plushies as always. If someone is particularly fast, or particularly over-and-above in their entry, there may be further rewards... ;) 

For each route, to get further guidance on how to proceed, you must go to the location of the hint [Elu3] and try to "discover" what to do next.

Alts are allowed, provided they complete a different route from your main character. 


Timeline: Registration opens NOW and closes 4/23 @ 23:00 ST. Again, you will need to pick your route and declare in your response in this thread, declaring your route counts as your registration. You cannot change routes, besides to see what else there is to see. The race will start about 19:00 ST 4/24. Now there may be an old survey link in the last stage of the this quest in the clickie. I can't access my script to see what it says, but if there's an issue, PM me ASAP so there's a timestamp, thanks. PM when you finish as well.

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Hello friends! Thank you for considering participating in this event! There will be clues smattered around the land. It will start as a clickie quest for everyone at first, to get the story across.


To find the first part, your clue is

”All you know is you kept going in circles while trying to ‘listen’ the entire time you were at that dead end. It was hard to do so over Ungod’s muttering”



So GO!

once you solve or have issues, forum PM so I can get a time stamp of your issue and backtrack your time

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