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How do I make someone shut up?



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When clicking on a player's name, you can see an option to "Mute Player". This will prevent you from seeing any messages from them in the chat.

If you are being harassed, and especially if the harasser is attempting to bypass the mute via other platforms, please report the issue to a Game Master - Chewett or Mur.

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Well, the main answer is - social skills.  This is a microcosm of the universe in which you interact and try to influence things.  Play nice -- or not.  Get too ugly, and it is possible to get yourself banned for inappropriate behavior.

There are some "curse" type spells that can be thrown at players that will affect their speech (in chat).  You can't actually shut them up, but they might not be able to be understood any longer.  These spells are to be found in the Wish shop.  Solve puzzles and win contests to get wish points, and your power will grow.

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If the SHUT UP spell was removed or is bugged i want it back. its part of the core concepts of md, if you don;t want to listen , then you don't listen.


I am not sure what happend with it as i dont remember all, but i intend to fix it.

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If you want to be creative with it, there is a spell which happen to be my most favourite called toadspeak (or "Hex" as I named it), this will make the player make animal sounds, but this only lasts for a couple of minutes.  There was also a spell to literally shut them up, since it's not functional anymore I suppose I can share it; it's called SHUT UP. 

For long term solution, see above posts.

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