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What things can really get me in trouble?



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As a subject of multiple Jail time and perma-bans, I would advise you to not do the following:

  • Steal and/or impersonate an account
  • Abuse alternative accounts to the benefit of your main
  • Name an alternative account the same as characters that are in the Adventure Logs
  • Create an account that is named after a GM or any other players in MD (e.g. "Mur")
  • Profanity
  • Not comply with a GM when asked to cooperate
  • Break out of Prison illegally
  • Insulting other people and/or causing them nuisance on a constant basis

Other non-experiential reasons that are observed:

  • Create an account that has expetive in it (e.g. "this" or "this")
  • Impersonate Chew (e.g. "Chew the ett")
  • Anything that is listed HERE

      and lastly...

  • Be a Nava

Bans range from Jailtime to Permanent account ban, it is somewhat subjective and is a case-to-case basis. I suggest looking around the forums to find out more as to why a player gets banned. You can also look at the "Restrictions" tab on top of the MD page.

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Some general rules of thumb according to my understanding:

If you find something that seems like an exploit or bug, don't abuse it for personal benefit

It can be ok to "paint outside the lines" (ie. break or bend some rules) but realize that you do so at your own risk

Try to respect the time and effort of other players

Don't threaten or harass others, or anything similarly personally abrasive

Don't make similar mistakes multiple times

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  • Root Admin

Regarding the distinction between Ban and Jail time:

Jail is a form of punishment that is still within the boundries of the realm. As an inmate you still have in-game abilities, even if limited. The jail is a region of the game, designed to offer its own (rather frustrating) experience. Evading jail is something you can do, well..if you can do.


Being banned, means you can not login anymore. A recent update to this is that you can no longer login on alts once one gets banned  nor register any new, etc. Avoiding IP restrictions by using a VPN for example, will only help you for a very short while, just enough to waste you time and gather more intel on how to protect md from you next time. Ban is the ultimate form of restriction and benefits of all our efforts to be done efficiently.


From jail you can recover gracefully, after you do the jail time, from ban you can't recover gracefully. If you ended up banned, according to the new rules and methods, then something must be terribly wrong with you and its just not worth the risk to have you back.


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