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How do I bring someone to court in MD?



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While MagicDuel is a realm with its own systems in place, it has been many years since there has been a court-case, and those who have previously been on the Tribunal are largely absent now.

There however remain a number of avenues to resolve issues that have failed simple discussion between the parties in question:

1. Speaking with the representative monarchs of both the plaintiff and defendant's land. As monarchs have some power over their citizens to provide punishments, it is possible that these issues can be resolved at this level.

2. If it is a game-bug or other abuse of a game mechanic, posting a report on the forum with screenshots can be very useful; this can often lead to reimbursement of that which was lost during the abuse in question when it is fixed, provided that one did not abuse it themselves.

3. Discussion with a game-master. Ideally, this is not the first avenue of resolution, as the game-masters are overburdened with requests, but it can be effective at doing so.


As a Tribunal has previously existed, it is possible to form a new court system; ideally, players in high standing with the community, and known to be impartial and just, would be invited to be part of such a system. Maybe the reader of such a question could reform this system.

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The court system will suffer a dramatic change, at first experimental, but a replacement in cases no judge is present. 


I will announce it here as well as on the announcements next.



In the absence of an official judge being available or willing to judge,  participants in a dispute can select a third party of their liking to mediate their dispute. Once selected, the temporary judge has full powers over the two, and his ruling will accepted by all involved parts and/or reinforced by others with the power to do so.

The temporary judge must be announced publicly before any judging starts, and the judge decision can not affect other parts than those involved and can not exceed the scope of the judging. 



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