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Pyre for our fallen creatures


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You know how you have a creature you care about, but it's time to let go? You don't want to sacrifice it, you don't want to give it away, you can't keep it...You don't want it to be forgotten even if you're burying it.

I propose a new wish in WP Shop which lets you activate (say) the pyre in that NC scene where you can sacrifice creatures gaining nothing but an entry in a new button next to inventory, logs, bestiary etc. The interface would be very simple - just a page listing the names of the creatures sacrificed this way. Maybe an artwork thrown there, to make it look like the Clash of Ages in NML.

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That's for immortalizing (a few) creatures. I used it to immortalize angiens only. What about the grasans, drachs, molimas, animated trees I've grown fond of and don't want to sacrifice for stats? Perhaps they have meaningful names, such as people long gone or people I want dead (so I'm making a little voodoo list). 

Also, this interface wouldn't have the artwork of your creature or its details, just names (and maybe the type of creature or family).

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I fail to see the point here.

1 hour ago, Ungod said:

You don't want to sacrifice it, you don't want to give it away, you can't keep it...

Besides keeping it (unless it's matter of space), you can immortalize it in a bestiary, totemize it...

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Ungod, maybe we should dedicate a clickie to this purpose.  Preferably near an altar - Aia could help create one if needed.  Then you can ceremoniously sac the darn thing.  I'll code it if you want, so anybody can enter a name.

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