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Word houses for word smiths

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I have been told I own some items that are far too delicious to not stir envy; therefore, I have decided to get rid of them, because of my fear of the evil eye. This contest has as rewards only common and uncommon RP items, your choice.

The aim of this game is to create a structure made of words, with your name at its base; words can be written horizontally or vertically. However, in case they are laid horizontally on 'pillars' of different heights, they may fall diagonally or even in arcs - use this for enhanced effects. There should be no repeated words, save for unavoidable necessity and clever use; there should be no space between the words either, for extra durability.

The idea behind the structure is that you create a ward of words, so it has to be strong and protect you. That doesn't mean it can't be fancy, and so bonus points will be given for various clever ideas, such as: only architecture related words, MD player names only, only words that start with a letter, structures that mimic a colisseum or a cathedral etc etc. However, the most important thing is that the outer shell/walls of this building is acting as a magnet to words that are similar. For example, if there is 'constable' in your outer wall, it will attract 'stability' to it and that means extra points. If it attracts 'corrosion', it means less points. More points, more items to win.

Of course, the more positive boons, the more points, so you'll have to make a large structure (because words can bind only to outer walls). The positive boon list is: syntropy, stability, durability, intricacy, protection, cement, density, maintenance, design, defence, ward. The negative boon list is: entropy, corrosion, collision, humidity, ultrasonic, abrasion, attack, wind, rust, mould, weapon. These attach to syllables, so mnemonic will attract ultrasonic

You only get to design one structure UNLESS you get three upvotes (because it will be posted in this thread). 3 upvotes mean you get to design another one, if you wish to; it doesn't mean I will give you more points, though (also, how you get those votes is not something i care about). This will run for at least one week, but will be extended if there is extra interest. Although I've written a wall of text, I'm sure I left some questions unanswered, so feel free to get more details.

(very silly examples in the image below; also, list of boons is 'wrong')



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