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Auction Series - Imperial Aramors


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I will be auctioning off some of my creatures that I have no use for anymore for the next couple of weeks.

To start off, I have two old and a very old (based on creature ID, not Age) heavily tokened Imperial Aramors I would like to put up for auction. I will only accept credits. I can also accept maxed Elementals and Daimons as a top-off bid, but I understand that the valuation for this can be very subjective. I will see if this auction takes off first then I will state my valuation for these creatures.


Imp 1: Creature ID: 800152

Tokens: [stardust] [kellethafire] [firedrop] [purpurmoon] [blackdiamonds] [goldbelt] [darkshield] [claw2] [claw1] [antifreeze] [blooddrop3] [blooddrop2] [blooddrop1][goldtear] [emeraldglare] [enlightning] [osirisbelt] [claw3]

Stats: Vital Energy: 2600/2000 | Heat Scars: 4046739 | Won battles: 536 | Age: 3092 | Shards Given upon Sacrifice: 1147

Starting Bid - 5 credits


Imp 2: Creature ID: 790538

Tokens: [claw1] [claw2] [stardust] [blooddrop3] [enlightning] [emeraldglare] [blackdiamonds] [claw3] [darkshield] [blacktear] [antifreeze] [blooddrop2] [blooddrop1] [goldtear] [onyxfangs] [goldbelt]

Stats: Vital Energy: 4000/2000 | Heat Scars: 3832528 | Won battles: 537 | Age: 3132 | Shards Given upon Sacrifice: 1020

Starting Bid - 5 credits


Imp 3:  Creature ID: 337497

Tokens: [claw1] [emeraldglare] [stardust] [claw3] [claw2] [antifreeze] [blooddrop1] [blooddrop3] [blooddrop2] [blackdiamonds] [goldtear] [darkshield] [onyxfangs] [goldbelt]

Stats: Vital Energy: 2600/2000 | Heat Scars: 18080263 | Won battles: 533 | Age: 3614 | Shards Given upon Sacrifice: 745

Starting Bid - 10 credits


Auction will end on July 1st at 00:00 Server Time. If there are no takers, I will just keep them. Goodluck!



Edited by Lazarus
Added strikethrough on something that I changed on this auction and didn't just erase it entirely, implying that I'm still interested in aged and maxed Elemental and Daimon and is willing to discuss the pricing via forum PM only
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2 hours ago, Ledah said:

Will you accept Daimons that are ready to max, but need a month or two longer to age?

Yes, but I will just probably buy it from you with coins. I think I will just stick to credits so as to make this auction simpler.

Post updated.

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