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Quest protection


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There should be protection from attack in quest battle locations for players who have not defeated the quest monster(s) yet. Take Willow's shop as example. There's a pretty hard quest battle there (the shop guardians) and about 30 active players almost all the time. I've tried to attack the guardians about 5 times so far and every single time my creatures were severely weakened by other player's attacks before I could even enter the battle with shop guardians.

How am I supposed to complete the quest when an hour of preparations for battle is lost in mere seconds after entering the quest location?! :P

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I've always thought that Willow's crossing was a poor place to meet for battle. There is a major quest there that involves all the forces a new player can muster, and to be attacked there when attempting to defeat the gaurds is awful. The same thing has happened to me after I have collected full VE and healed all my creatures to fight the loreroot gaurds.

I know that official game changes are difficult, and that players have met there a long time, but perhaps with word of mouth and the support of respected players....the battle ground could be moved one screen over to the left. This would not cause as much detriment to those attempting the gaurds, and would leave the way to the sanctuary safer. There is always the possibility (likelyhood) of being waylaid in the road, but I think there may be better places to gather for battle.

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