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The return of the prodigal Sunfire

Aia del Mana

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Following mine ascension to the throne of Loreroot, I had been notified of a wish for Sunfire to return to the land who once did call him consul. I have had significant discourse with him, and have returned his name to the Lorerootian citizenship record.

I am entirely aware of the events of the past which concern the Guardians of the Root, and this decision is not made lightly. He has pledged his loyalty to myself, to Loreroot, and to it's alliances, with full knowledge of the consequences of betrayal.
Any who would wish to speak about this are welcome to seek an audience with myself, or, mayhap, Sunfire, if he were willing. I am confident that he will be a boon to our lands, and his experience shall strengthen us; if naught else, he will attempt to atone for the deeds of the past.


Below is the brief exchange at the Oak Fort this day.

[27/02/22 17:19] Aia:Sunfire, I have been notified of thine intention to return to Loreroot.
[27/02/22 17:20] Sunfire: *nods* this is true
[27/02/22 17:20] Aia:Although one may consider of events of the past, I believe that Sunfire were not the same as he of several years hence.
[27/02/22 17:21] Aia:Although thine actions remain with thee, Loreroot shall offer thee a small amnesty, if thou wilt pledge loyalty to Loreroot, its Queen, and her alliances.
[27/02/22 17:23] Sunfire: *kneels before her with his head bent low* i do
[27/02/22 17:23] :Aia places her staff on Sunfire's shoulder
[27/02/22 17:24] Zetsuei: *blinks as he realises what is going on right now* I came at an opportune time. Congrats Sunfire.
[27/02/22 17:24] Aia:Let thy deeds more than atone for the blood thou didst spill, Sunfire. Loreroot welcomes thee home.
[27/02/22 17:25] Sunfire: *lifts his head* thank you
[27/02/22 17:25] :Zetsuei applauds
[27/02/22 17:26] Aia:We also recognise of thy past service to Loreroot this day; let all see thee for the good deeds also.
[27/02/22 17:26] :Aia writes Sunfire\s name in the citizenship records of Loreroot once more
[27/02/22 17:27] :Sunfire smiles as he stands up
[27/02/22 17:28] Aia:I sympathise with the frustrations that thou hast faced in the past; I vow never to be resistant to change when it were best.
[27/02/22 17:29] :Zetsuei gives a curt nod to everyone before returning to the aether
[27/02/22 17:29] Aia: *motions to the bridge* Afore this is made real, one considers that it should be adequately guarded.
[27/02/22 17:29] Aia:I hope thou mightst be of service in nurturing of its new guards.
[27/02/22 17:30] Sunfire: *bows his head* i will do my best my Queen
[27/02/22 17:32] :Sunfire takes position at the bridge
[27/02/22 17:33] :Aia smiles

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