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Make your Creatures Proud

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Let's begin the Party Party 

It's 17th MD Birthday gathering of WINS;)

All you need to do is collect Three Fresh Creatures, One creature from LR, one Creature from MB and one creature from NML.

Creatures need to gather a wins LR creature, MB creatureand NML creature combined wins of 1700.

Everyone, Let's proceed with enthusiasm to collect wins for our newest creatures!

17th MD Birthday - 1700 Wins for your creatures

How to start;

Participant need to Post your in-game name with the ID of your creature here.

If you finish gathering wins , combined wins of your creatures, create a screen shot of your creatures and submit here. Also don't forget the ID of the creatures;)


1st 2nd 3rd

Winners it defend of the participant.


Ann. creature, plushies and gold coins.

Happy hunting everyone and hoping somone don't get mad of the you;)

Good luck and have fun;))

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  • Root Admin
1 hour ago, stavaroiu said:

Lots of clicking later.

Couldn`t fit creature ID and status of remains in 1 picture so i had to take 2.

Also my gain in the process of completing the quest, in case this will motivate more people in participating.



I can officially confirm this as valid:


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  • Root Admin
On 4/30/2022 at 9:59 PM, Else said:

Grasan I ID: 883455
Water Being I ID: 883456
Heretic Archer ID: 883457




On 5/1/2022 at 12:03 PM, redneck said:

Knator ID: 883460

Barren Soul ID: 883461

Dark Archer ID: 883462




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