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Rewards for loyal adepts


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Perhaps adepts should get some kind of reward if they stay loyal for some time.

A send gift button near their names? 1 gift per adept per month allowed?

Gifts can be bought in MD shop, or can be a price in a quest or contest.

Gift could be +1 attack, +1defense, or an increase in VE or VP, whatever

Something small that doesn't create a major change but shows ones appreciation for his adepts.

I don't like bugging people to become my adept. I'd feel better if i could offer them something

So in fact I'm being selfish :)

Or some kind of automatic bonus, I don't know, something.

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I think that's a great idea. There are many items in the shop that are loyalty purchases. Is staying adepted not a show of loyalty? What about something like 30 days adeptship = 10 loyalty pts.

Also perhaps an adept could "learn" by adepting. Earning one stat pt per month...that stat being their tutors strongest.

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Just to mess your idea (kidding): would that reward be the same for all players? I mean, you as a master will give the same gift as another master player? Or this will be something specific? From my point of view both cases will be...how should I say?....wrong maybe? The thing is like this: if the reward is the same so why should I be your adept and not another players? And the other option:if a player gives a better reward then me how am I supposed to keep my adepts? They will all run to the other. :)

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I think Meiche's Idea about Gaining Loyalty Points is good, but from what I understand Loyalty is more related to Alliances... Perhaps Honor would work as well?

Its definitly better to have it be more or Less Automatic and something Small, having a "Give" button seems Abusable...

Also perhaps an adept could "learn" by adepting. Earning one stat pt per month...that stat being their tutors strongest.

I think that Idea avoids the Issues dst Brings up, that way Each Player has different Rewards (and they can Change as that Player Changes), and no Stat is really "better" than another...

I don't think the Reward should be the main way that you Choose to be Someone's adept over Another person, just an Incentive to Keep the same Master you have... Maybe the Bonus you get "Ticks" every Month at first, but if you stay Longer it starts to "Tick" faster, until everyday or Week, or something... ("Tick" is of course when the Bonus is given).

If nothing else Maybe there Should be a Way to see how long Someone's been Adepted to you so you can reward the Most Loyal with More Attention, spells, whatever...

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Dst is correct that would be a deterrant for mp3s to have adepts

and all would flock to someone who gives them something they seem to think is greater

and my opinion luck is the most powerful stat

easily in combat

double damage and cancel damage and also in field you get gold coins too

what more could you ask for

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Ninjunny- the reason I chose loyalty rather than honor is that there are so few alliance spots open at this time. Most players in the game have no oportunity to gain it and so are barred from some items in the shop. This would be a way for non-alliance members also to get some profit from loyalty (as well as those already allianced).

I like the idea you gave also about the ticks increasing the rollover time to the next reward given. Perhaps a simpler way would be to give the player an addition .2% per month...so 1 stat for the first, 1.2 the second, 1.4 the third, etc.

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meiche loyalty is gained one per day if you log in i believe

and you would have to cap off the percentage rise because it would get ridiculous after a while

Yes, we do get one point per day. That means to buy a loyalty item in the shop I have to wait either 50 or 100 days. You alliance types pick up loyalty, so it is less of an issue for you.

I agree with you that there must be a cap on what ever is gained by remaining the adept of the same person. Loyalty would be nice, but as Morgana says, luck is better and harder to come by.

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ah but we also lose loyalty. look at sol he is currently on 0. he cant buy any loyalty items because of this.

you will not lose any by being weak. there are advantages and disadvantages to both being in an alliance and not.

Meiche has made me well aware of the difficulty of holding on to loyalty points. Some things just need to be bought as the moment you have the needed loyalty.

As for being in an alliance, the pro's and con's are difficult for me to balance. At present I am quite pleased to be strongly attached to two alliances though a member of neither.

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