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Illusory Stone/Creature


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So this is a bit of a thought I had, and even if it doesn't fit, hope it inspires an idea or two!


The Idea

It's well known that one can store complex thoughts into a particularly permeable stone, though a rarer occasion is when circumstance weaves an illusion into a similar such stone, a temporary reality, that can simply be tapped. Fragile though they are.

While these 'stones' can not be crafted (or maybe can by an MP7 with extreme difficulty) these are mainly meant for quest rewards. The most common form of these is a Illusory Creature Stone, and once activated binds a creature to the user that lasts either a specified number of days, or number of combats.

The creature is represented by a border specific to illusory creatures, and can either be a creature that currently exists at any upgrade level, or one that does not - An entirely new creature that only exists as an illusion and is gone once its gone. This can either give the user an edge in battle, or even be the basis of a challenge/quest in itself, such as trying to upgrade it... And naturally they can't be sacrificed.


The Reasons

I've put this suggestion together for a couple of reasons, the first being that as I've seen veterans, most seem to have vaults of gold to the point that offering a single silver or gold coin as a quest reward holds limited value while meaning a lot still to new players. These stones would form another option of reward that veterans might be interested in - Ledah's bet has had more attention than I've seen on most things. 

Secondly this forms another way to test the creation of new creatures, or create ones that shouldn't be in general circulation. And if one is liked and balanced enough it can be moved to permanant play. If not, a one-off temporary reward isn't too disruptive.

Finally, as mentioned it could fascilitate interesting quests or playing with new mechanics. A quest to upgrade a creature that only exists for five battles that requires a particular Mark to upgrade? Or a creature that only produces a certain resource after it gets five wins, but is actively detrimental to a ritual it's in? Or something entirely more simple than that.


Anyhow, thoughts? Questions?

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