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Items to give magical powers

Muratus del Mur

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What i am interested in, are EXISTING ITEMS that could be turned into magical items, based on spells that are already existing. 

Currently there are 165 different KINDS of spells (i will not code any new unless i find it interesting myself, not on request). Some of these kinds, are configurable into lots of other subversions, other spells are completely unique, but still there are more spell kinds than players.


So if you have an item that looks as if made for a specific , existing, spell, discuss it on @Kyphis the Bard topic, then post it here in the requested format. Any item is accepted, regardless if its common, shop roleplay item, rare, tool, already functional, etc,  any item goes. Shared items need a special treatment and suggestions involving shared items will be analyzed later.



I will keep turning normal items into magical items until i stop and get busy with something else. This is a one time event, probably a later role opportunity, or a major md feature, i don't know. Once i stop, you will notice, or i will close this thread. First people posting are more likely to get their items done. 

- If you post items that are based on spells that are non existing, or the spell exists but the item doesn't, or you provide the wrong format, or suggest new spells or functionality, they will be rejected and you will be blacklisted from this post (all future items posted by you here get ignored)

- You may only post items that you currently have in your inventory. If i look for the item by item name and your id and can't find it, you get blacklisted from this topic.

- Items will be granted a limited number of casts. The item remains "depleted magical" once consumed, this will not affect whatever the item functionality currently is, and still has a chance to benefit from later ways of recharging magical items later.

- you will not be asked, and i will not reply to your post if anything does not fit or is unacceptable. Instead, i will mark your post as denied or approved and continue to the next one. Anything that is not clear or you wish to discuss, please post on Kyph topic for clarification, but be advised he does not know more than you do about the subject currently. I will reply there if needed, and update him accordingly.




Post only in this format, anything else you post, or any question you post, you get blacklisted. Use the other topic for this.

Item name:
Item ID:
Your ID:
Current functionality: Current functionality if the item is a tool or otherwise functional
Spell: (ask for the correct spell name and available options on the other topic, Kyph will be able to help you identify it)
Number of casts: Suggested minimal number of casts and why ("because its cool to have" is a valid answer too, but more sustained arguments can help creating an item with a higher number of casts)
Casting words: These words will be required to be spoken in chat to cast the spell, and unlike spells you currently own, they can not be customized. If two people suggest same item, the one with better casting words (according to my own opinion), will be selected. Keep it clear, themed, nicely formulated, and without punctuation dependent meaning.






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replaced Fyrd with Kyph, sorry for the confusion!
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On 6/13/2022 at 10:29 AM, Muratus del Mur said:


To be clear, you only confirmed one idea of an item that could have been posted here (and enchanted it on the spot)?  Or did we not understand at what point we were supposed to put it here in proper format?

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  • Root Admin

To clarify. Post here what you consider to be approved , or with high chances of being approved, after discussing this on the other topic. I am replying there to tell if one thing has chances to be approved or not, not here. The other topic should contain the ideeas, discussions, debate etc, and here just the conclusions in the requested format.

You can post here any time, not after the other topic closes. I get it that some thought the discussion needs to end there first in order to post here... not the case.

Many items will make sense only when knowing what other items compete for similar functionality, so the final picture of what gets approved or not will be here.

Kyph is collecting ideas for the shop items, but personal unique items can also be enchanted as i said, and they will have more casts/power than common items.

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Item name: Yang's Fortune cookie #9
Item ID: 222067
Your ID: 193599
Current functionality: none
Spell: Strong Curse level 5 (another level is also fine)
Number of casts: 4 - While is a cookie that can be instantly consumed, it can be said that you do not need to consume it all at once to get the effects. Maybe sequential uses can increase the spell level (Like the more of it anyone consume, the stronger the curse).
Casting words: cursed cookie

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