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Mb: Dies Manibus

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Dies Manibus

2 Fierce warriors who fought for what they believed in.

They fell in the battle against the darkness

May they live in light eternal.

May your comments here, reflect only their greatest deeds, so that the young ones to come, will know of their legends.

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Even though *BigC* ended up being a helpless cripple, even though he failed miserably and wouldn't have been able to redeem himself if the wizard had not chosen to summon Wodin with his soul/lifestrings/whatever, even though Wodin was lamely vain and mean to my dear pet, even though he kept on turning me into a goat because of inane and unjustified reasons, even though BigC-Wodin still ended up failing because he couldn't overcome the "darkness which crept over the land," he shall be missed. He was without doubt the strongest warrior (until Eden surpassed him) and he had a profound understanding of combat and strategy. I greatly enjoyed demeaning him, and I shall mourn the lost opportunity now.

(In case I would ruin the mood with these out-of-character-words, spoiler tags >:D) BigC was one of the oldest players in our community. I don't think there are many who joined at the same time or before him and still play, if any. When I joined, he was already mentioned in the announcement log several times because of the various feats he managed. It wasn't at all surprising that he became the first character in the adventure log, then the first interactive rpc as Wodin. Until recently, he had the strongest profile in terms of skills and stats, and I respected him for his knowledge in combat and ritual-crafting. So for all these silly reasons plus the fact that he apologized for not saying hello to me when I was a newbie, let his memory last~

He didn't say good-bye. >_>

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I am torn...

His summoning was an abomination of the balance... However, he was a crafty warrior.

He was warned of his quest for power and the possible outcomes... However, may he rest in peace now.

There is more that can be said, but for now....

I will from here on out try to Italicize my IC comments so there is no confusion from my OOC comments. Wodin-C You will be missed you big b****** of an RPC... excellent warrior, truly :D

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Goodbye Wodin, Biggie.. I guess my rescue plan never did get carried out completely... To think that BigC actually updated his profile for that plan, I guess the plan was just made a bit too late.

And I just knew that real world speaking, wodin was BigC?! Anyways, does anyone knows the reason for his departure? Is it due to the story, or is it due to real-life reasons?

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  • Root Admin

legends about bigc..thats a truly awsome innitiative, realy. Someone please email him this topic, maybe he will care to let us know the reasons of his departure.....mmmm maybe not the reasons, bu anyway he should see this thread, its ...touching ..lol :D

I wonder whe he remembers me of one of the characters before him (not rpc because there were no rpc's back then) and thats Actraiser ... something make me think about him when i think at wodin, i have no clue why.

Aslo i have to say that i might be an important reason why he left, because his game story ended up in a way he might not have predicted or desired, but with great people great stories are told regardless of their outcome.

emailed him - chewett

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Er.. so was it game story that caused him to leave? If that is the case, i guess there are plenty of ways to bring him back.. But if it was personal reasons, all I can do is wish him luck in his real world life. Bye Wodin, it was great knowing you..

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I remember playing back in the day (like 250+ days ago) with bigc and actraiser and even deekn for a while.. heh..

I kinda see BigC, the way you look at Wodin. Except for the fact that I wanted to become stronger than BigC from the very start. He kinda made me into the st*twh*r* I am today, :D

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  • 4 months later...

Well... having had some adventures in RL i am seriously considering returning to this great game!

It's going to be tough having to start from scratch and seeing Woody controlled by another player but i think i can manage to regain at least some of my heady heights of old.

I also want to want to thank those that left me messages when i left they really meant a lot to me... and to Mur if u read this, sorry for buggering up the role u gave me but at the time i really couldn't handle it!!

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YAY BigC is coming back!!!!

i was but a little one when he left, and now look at me
*looks at little body* hmm

i don't think he's able to get Wodin back, due to the way he's controlled now, possible though, be nice to see Biggy come back as himself :P
*looks hopefully at Mur and Ren*

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