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Distribution of Inner Magic Docs

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To embrace the inevitable i will open this topic so that everyone can see the current distribution of the inner magic docs.

Please do not keep public records of all docs. This will be considered the same as making puzzle solutions public. I realy realy want those docs private for those that manage to get them, if you publish them on your page or on forum or anywhere else you will ruin the whole point of collecting those docs and discover their levels.

RPC/PWD holding inner magic docs:

.Muratus del Mur. ............. Invisibility LVL 5

.alche. ........................... Invisibility LVL 4

.Shoeps. ......................... Seduction LVL 6

.Morgana Le Fey. ............. Seduction LVL 3

.SmartAlekRJ. ................. Lightnings LVL 5

.Metal Bunny. ................. Lightnings LVL 3

.Bootes. ......................... Lightnings LVL 2

.Nelya Setesh. ................. Cures LVL 4

.phrog. ........................... Cures LVL 3

.Khalazdad. .................... Black Water LVL 4

.Jonn. ............................. Black Water LVL 3

.Braiton. ............................. Black Water LVL 2

.Renavoid. ..................... Leader Spirit LVL 3

This list will grow in time when i get to talk to each rpc and decide what spell doc it will receive.

If you think this list should not be public please let me know your opinion.

No level over LVL 6 will be distributed to RPC's as level 7+ are secret levels that will be found in a totaly different way and only for some, based on my _subjective_ decision.

How a RPC should pick his desired spell doc.

Even if most of you desire high level docs , the levels are all important. Its just a matter of how complex the information in them is. Lower level docs can be distributed more easy to players so if you have simple quest and want to give the doc many times to many players pick a low level doc. If you have a realy dificult quest and want to reward just a few players , pick up a higher level. Players will search all levels with same importance so that they complete their document collection.

More interface gizmos will be available in the future to see and manage these docs.

In most cases i will decide whats the spell i will give you to grant to others. I will need to know just what kind od leel you prefere and if the spell should be offensive, defensive or one of the fency misc spells. Do not ask for a full document list to pick from, that one is secret.

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It should not be public...but what if the information were set into a quest of some sorts? Like an in-game quest simply for this information, as it is quite valuable. If you like I could work on something and get it to you for review? This might be a good quest for the Archives to get them some more activity(though they buzz as of late anyways)

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I dont think its a problem showing them:like you said is something inevitable and even if you didnt put there ppl would mass msgs rpc's only to know that....and now that you post it i really doubt you could countain the spoiler break in this.

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Well, perhaps the current ones COULD be public and then any additional ones from here on part of the quest? Or maybe the level 1's should be part of a nice quest.

That will be cool,but there is something that bugs me....what does seduction?Its just i dont have any idea of what those spells do....except the cure one that is obvious.

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None of them are as obvious as they may seem, trust me. But I can tell you that it is pretty cool. Just...different.

Yeah i know but i want sooooooooo much do some tricks.......and its even in the name of the game magic duel,and i dont even have magic only the duel lol im sad T_T

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Well, I can tell you that the documents and what they grant are not what they seem. They aren't like outer spells that are more tricks, they are much more......just much more.

These are truly what was meant when it was said early on that in MagicDuel everyone can influence the game world. Truly...TRULY...this is now more possible then ever.

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i think manu shouldnt have the list up

thouhg i would like to see a few docs :P

i thin that this will put to much of a 'curse' on the players which posses them :)

Hey Manu i`d like to know something:

Can the players trade their scrolls for others?Since this would lessen the effect "curse'' on the rpcs.

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I think that it's a good thing to have a list of RPCs who have the docs, to prevent mass spamming of the other RPCs, but it's not necessary to say which RPC has which doc.

I would like to ask the RPCs who have those docs to set up quests, tasks or puzzles that one can solve to get those docs.

At the very least, I'd like to ask them to answer questions about how to receive them.

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Is it possible for RPCs to get a new page for spells....they can put their requirements for gaining the spell there?

Many are hard to catch, offline when I am, or already annoyed with persistent questions. It would be great to have a specific something to reference.

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Well IDK if this os spoiler so...

Well I saw Morgana paste some info on seduction and she siad it was very powerful. Also you need a wishpoint to cast it. When she gives you a doc, (she kinda casted a spell or something) you get a new tab next to the Adv log and Rpc list tabs.

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haha i got 16 messages today alone concerning the inner document. Does anyone think they got it from me? nope. as far as putting quests up for it is concerned, i, for one, didn't find out about this until everyone else did pretty much. and i highly doubt anyone else knew about it. making a quest does take time to do. So for all you impatient people, try waiting instead of being impatient and persistant. i am keeping track of who sends me a pm about it, as i dont answer pm's about it anymore. and the annoying part thats stated above will become affective in my HATE list so everyone can know how annoying you are.

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RJ above is what I'm talking about. We're told we can only get quests from these particular RPCs. RPCs don't want to deal with 1003 people spamming them. Those who say nothing get nothing, and in the mean time all the RPCs run away to avoid answering questions or log out.

It's a pain for everyone. There has to be an easier way.

No offense, but Mur....getting ahold of you is the most difficult of all. You have warnings in all your papers about not bothering you with trifles (which I respect)...but how does that make me able to acquire these spells?

I ask...I piss someone off. I don't ask....I end up with nothing. So, how do I actually get something done here?

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Yes, I know how RPCs love to track players down one by one, and give them free information. I'll just lean back and wait for you to find me.

I guess I can't understand why your name and the name of the spell you hold was posted, if I'm not supposed to have some chance of getting it.

Clearly, I misunderstood the purpose of this post.

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Hey Meiche actually Manu is quite all right to contact i send him a pm regarding this and was very polite and he answered me with nothing but a good answer,he just told me i should wait and the locations where already at the post,and to get the xscrolls you dont necessarily need an quest you can get by doing favors or helping others its just more complicated but i think its even easier,im doing everything i can do to help people and be noticed by some rpcs...

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This is starting to get annoying.

Yes, we realize that this was dropped on the RPCs and that some of them need time to think up a quest/task/puzzle for people who want the documents.

And yes, we realize that it's annoying to get flooded by PMs asking for the documents.

However, out of 12 RPCs who have documents, some of them for almost a week, only 2 have quests out for them.

Out of the remaining 10, 1 has nothing on his profile, but gives tasks to people who PM him, and a few more have been kind enough to answer the PMs with a message that they're working on it.

2 of the RPCs have flat out ignored my PMs about the documents. They both have nothing about it on their personal pages.

My point is that if you don't have it on your quest pages, people WILL PM you about it.

A simple "Working on a quest for my Inner Magic Document" on your quest page will prevent 90% of those PMs some of you find so annoying.

A simple "That you for enquiring, I'm working on a quest for it" as an answer to out PMs will prevent as from badgering you every day.

All I'm saying is please don't ignore us. It'll just result in more PMs, and with everyone involved becoming angry with everyone else involved.

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