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Lies, I don't think that. :)

Ohohoho, how kind and gracious I am. I'm getting high on it.

*votes C* There is some sort of thing, you know, like you have two options:

A) Option A

B) Option B

and then the cliche where you go, "There is always another option!" and I associate C with that. :D Oho.

EDIT: ... for some reason, I didn't notice that there wasn't an option labelled "C."


I'm not voting!

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A, thou idiots, A.

A for an A! All A's for 4.0's! A's! A! A! A!


I hate those B's. I got a B in Tennis last year, and if I could crush it physically, I would. Crush it up in my hand, feel those infuriatingly curved lines shatter and snap. . .


No 4.0 for me.

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happy? now there is a C

Now there are two votes for C. It ought to be obvious. There is no reason to choose A or B. They are duals of each other like paired quantum particles. Either both exist or neither. As neither A nor B can be chosen without choosing the other, the answer is obviously C.

Besides-- I would vote for Glai even without quantum mechanics and Zen!

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