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Coin Minter Bug

Fang Archbane

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Player name: Fang Archbane
Player ID:  214273
Browser: Brave Mobile
Operating System: Android Galaxy S10E
Importance:  Mid

Description - What happens when the bug occurs: Pure Gold does not appear UnCollapsed in the Coin Minter menu as Gold Coins & Silver Coins do, thus making combining Pure Gold into Gold Coins impossible

How to reproduce the bug: Walk into Willows Shop in Marind Bell and enter the back room. Open the Coin Minter. Voila.

What you expect to happen: The Pure Gold should be spread out among multiple images to reflect the amount on hand and make them combinable, precisely as the Gold Coins & Silver Coins do.

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  • Root Admin

pure gold is a resource and not an individual item, so it is used as a resources, stack by stack.  To fix this 'bug' i can remove pure gold from the coin mint, and later on create a converting facility that proces unique items from pure gold resource, based on quantity or so. 

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That'll be fine either way.

If it becomes useable in stacks of 5 per gold coin like it was supposed to be at the Minter, I'll be there soon enough (5 pure gold per single action).

Otherwise a specialized minter for pure gold exclusive items based on total amount works too. I'll enjoy it either way, so please take your time and don't overwork yourself.

Thank you regardless.

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