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The /present item feature

Muratus del Mur

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  • Root Admin

How does it work?

When you have an item capable of creating a chat choice action, you will see it marked with green in the inventory (full page and icons, not in the small sidebar)

How you use it:

if the item is named for example: "Ace of Spades", you type in chat this

/present Ace of Spades

or this:

/present Ace of Spades for 100

*where the number is the number of seconds to enforce that choice in the chat for everyone


If the "for xx" part is missing, whoever clicks the choices first, stops the voting and makes the result show.

If the "for xx" part is present, the vote options will stay on for xx seconds, and collect all the choices clicked and who clicked them


At the end, a list of people clicking what choice is presented. A number indicates the cumulated vote power of all that clicked that option. Vote power is calculated like this:

vote power = 1 + consecutive weeks + popularity

consecutive weeks = consecutive days / 7

consecutive days compensate for negative popularity, and positive popularity compensates for less consecutive active days

votepower is minimum 1, can not go negative
(Your vote still counts at least as a rookie vote, regardless of influences.)

There is no use restriction or time restriction on such items, but do not abuse them. Do not use them to block public chat as revenge or to ruin other people events. If you do anything harmful with this feature, you will lose the item, and probably more.


How do you get such items?

On certain occasions i am giving them out freely, you just have to ask. Also, if you have a very good point in why your item should be capable of this feature, for example because its name  or description suggests it, you can ask for this enhancement. There are more people capable of editing items, for now you can ask Chew, Aia and myself. 

You need to provide this info, mandatory:

- item id
- the description that should show in chat that tells something about the following choices
- and the choices you want people to see when you activate the item



Suggested Scenarios

1) Trivia contests, where a list of choices is presented, and the first one that clicks an answer stops the rest from selecting one. The organizer should decide if the answer is correct and keep the score

2) Tools, one example is that you can keep the chat blocked for x seconds, for whatever purpose you desire, but as long as it is a meaningful action and not an act of vandalism

3) Public elections and voting. The vote power is a good indicator of how much that person's vote means compared to other people that are less active or less appreciated within the community. The organizer could use the vote power score to measure vote results, or could count the voting people, either way, this tool can be used perfectly for whatever involves voting by many people

4) Branched stories and quest evolutions. To be honest, this is the one i love the most, and i built this tool hoping that one day i will get to use it for my own quests. It can be used to mark checkpoints of someone's story, and let the participants decide what should happen next, where to go next, what to do in certain actions, etc. Basically it can make any story interactive in an organized way, avoiding chat floods and such

5) I could spread around a series of possible actions, in form of items, and you could collect them and perform a rp based only on the actions provided by these items. Like this, this limit will force you into a competitive mode where you will try to find other possible actions, and the result will be based 100% on the reality of the items you found and used, so in terms of real, it will be as real as it can get in md, and supported by the following actions of Kings, myself, or other authorities in md.

6) Treasure hunts. Leave a choice selection in place, without a time limit set, and it will stay on as long as the chat exists (several hours). The first one to get there and click it wins

7) .. its up to you to discover more possibilities. I will even support good ideas with interface changes and sponsorships.




This kind of feature should be common. Do not go wild trading such items, because i intend to add them in shared items, and common items and give a lot of custom ones too. It should be a tool in the hands of anyone that has the desire to do something nice with it.




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  • Root Admin

other chat actions , i will paste here because i'm too tired rn to make a nice post, sorry. Just so dont get lost in my notes


/shutup Kyphis
SHUT UP Kyphis

/givetrophies 3 to Fyrd Argentus
*gives 3 trophies to Fyrd Argentus*

/preset Ace of Spades
*presents Ace of Spade*/

/preset Ace of Spades for 1000
*presents Ace of Spades for 1000*


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