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The cipher cracker

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Hello all this is a quest so that all may play. 

Below you will find a Caesar cipher and your task is to figure out the encoded message. This one I tried to make it hard so that all have a chance.

( I may do multiple but it will depend on how fast this one is solved first)

Below is the Cipher 👇



Lwvivzl ivykpun aol ilpun huk aolyl pz hukpu, aoha fvbvu pz pun huk vhjaly, aoha zftivs pz pun huk svwly, aoha tvyl pz pun aol zvtl.




To solve this cipher, you can use frequency analysis, which involves analyzing the frequency of letters in the ciphertext and comparing it to the frequency of letters in the English language. In English, the most common letters are e, t, a, o, i, n, s, r, and h, while the least common letters are q, j, x, and z.

By analyzing the frequencies of letters in the ciphertext, you can make educated guesses about which letters in the ciphertext correspond to which letters in the plaintext. For example, the letter "a" appears frequently in the ciphertext, so it is likely that it corresponds to one of the more common letters in English, such as "e" or "t".

After applying frequency analysis to this ciphertext, you can determine what the plaintext message is.


WHEN you solve the cipher you are to message me directly either on forums or in game. ( Do Not Post Your Answers Publicly) !!!



Rewards will vary. There will be silver notes, maybe an elu, maybe a wishpoint or two. (Wps will be based on how many participants there are) 

(I am currently looking for some support in rewards to make sure each participants get a compensation, if this is you please let me know thanks) 


1st. Lazarus 2 30 silver notes (delivered)

2nd. Jakubhi 1 30 silver note( delivered)

3rd. Dracoloth 1 30 silver notes (delivered)



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5 hours ago, Fyrd Argentus said:

Congrats to the winners - and the puzzle maker.  I spent a few hours on this and, to my surprise, failed.  Well done!

Do we get to see the answer now?

So Another player pointed out how something was off. 

I was planning to announce at the end that the quest was made by AI and the solution the AI gave was also posted. Supposedly the shift was of 23 but did not work as it was supposed to. 

The correct answer was supposed to be

:Darkness surrounds the light and it's power, and it is in the shadows, and it is in the night, and it is in the void.:

Still not something that makes much sense but somehow AI program used was able to make this with a shift of 23. However it was wrong. 

Winners awarded were done by the order of received answers. 

Sorry for the confusion and how the program was apparently flawed. I still compensated as I was able to and I will try to compensate you. Hopefully I can make you some heat stones as compensation 



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