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Safe and sound...

Logan Marquis

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Ok, so hurricane evacuation sucks. Especially the traffic. UGH!


We have made it into Dallas and are out of the way of danger now. It was NOT a fun 8 and a half hours(not too much longer than normal...but longer than normal nonetheless).

This is just for those interested.

By the way...Hurricane Ike is going to leave some damage in it's wake...LOTS of damage...some people will be sad they didn't evacuate when they should have.

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My Aunt has been staying with me the last 2 weeks... She was supposed to fly back today right to where the Hurricane is... I bought her an extension last night so she can stay another week.

Not really anything to do with anything... just sharing :D

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Ok so MAJOR update and a bit of "bad" news perhaps...

We returned to the house yesterday to an interesting site as we drove through the neighborhood and onto our street. Every house(with the exception of just a couple really) on our street had carpet and other miscellaneous items piled on their lawns. Our next door neighbor had servpro trucks outside(she had people working on her house already). We were not feeling so great about the condition of our place.

Well, we get to the house and I get inside and head to our TV room. Sure enough, there is ceiling damage (ie: part of the ceiling is now on the floor and I can see the support beams above). SUCKS! So I was thinking, man, that sucks, who has the room above the TV room because it HAS to be trashed...

So I went upstairs and opened my door...well...I tried to. There was so much wet insulation and ceiling debris that fell from the attic into my room that I couldn't BUDGE my door at all. I got it partially opened to view the destruction and it was pretty surreal. Everything I owned that was in my room is TRASHED. Thankfully...that does NOT include my laptop.

Well...the conditions currently are not liveable, so we are staying in a hotel in San Marcos. I will try to keep everyone informed and try to hop on when I can to chat with people and further my role development.

I appreciate all the support you all have shown already and the support you guys have shown off-MD and the forums(ie: over msger and such). It means a lot.

It's going to be rough going for a while. Our insurance WILL cover the damage and actually we may end up better than we started...eventually.

I will update you guys again after cleaning up some tonight.

--Logan Marquis

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Sorry to hear it, Logan. I'm amazed you are able to get to the 'web.

We escaped all the damage except for downed power lines, which will probably leave my house without power for a few more days. My wife and daughters are staying with me at my mother's place, which got power restored yesterday.

Much of the city remains without power and/or water.

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Glad to hear that you're safe and sound, Logan. I'm sorry about your house and all the havoc Ike wrecked. We have power line and tree problems even way up north where I live, so I can only imagine the damage down south. ><

I hope everything will turn out okay, and I really am thankful that nothing irreplaceable was lost.
Keep us posted. =O

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Stay safe man.. but... a laptop isn't that very large, (not experienced with extreme weather at all..) couldn't you take it with you? or uh.. does the announcement to evacuate happen all of a sudden? Or are you allowed to only take supplies and clothes?

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