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New poll on the School of Though Location


What should the School of Though Be?  

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Another building, with a big open public space for general chat and then rooms off of that for learning. Plus restrooms, i'm not running all the way to they to the archives just to go pee!

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It should be old and in ruins, or looks like it is.

The insides should be old fashioned...nothing new. Why new? :blink:

I was thinking...maybe the univercity should be in an underground cavern? You go down and theres a grand palace or something under the ground, lit by torch lights by the main door. You cant really see the whole building but its there and you can see a bit of it.


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*Votes New*
*Checks everything*
Might as well go wild with it.

Location, though? Mm. That's a tricky one. I mean, the archives obviously fit well, but they're humongous enough as it is. Maybe one of those broken puzzles nearby could lead to the school itself. After all, it'd seem like a fitting enough "test."

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[quote name='Chewett' post='20602' date='Nov 22 2008, 10:49 AM']a test that only a few have manged to complete. it would be impossible to get the people who really want to learn there because of the complexity of the puzzle[/quote]

The puzzle itself is easy to understand how to finish, its just annoying, takes long, because i cant find a pattern. Ive been close...2 more...bt then ofcourse i could not find the way to finish it...:)

I try it every time theres a head hunt:)

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Lol, and here I am, finishing the Berserker's Way puzzle in one hour *grins* I didn't think it was too difficult. Anyway, wouldn't we want to make sure people are able to think logically (or have the charisma to get the answer out of the logical people who know without offending them) before entering the school as an "entrance test"?

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Someone initiated The Phrontistery in the cavern at the base of the stairs. I suggest using that place. It's quiet, old, unused, lit by a candle, and close for everyone to go to. The Storm's Coast cliff can be the bathroom. :P
It may be extended through the cavern once there are enough users; each room may serve a different purpose.

Alche's Alley or the uncharted spot just behind the Main Gates are other options.

Offices, observatory, etc. are better placed in the Archives building.

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