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Seperation of the Dojo functions into two locations


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Hi all,

I"m a fairly new MP4, and have experienced the world for only a few days, so this may be un-needed, but I thought I would bring this up, and see what some of the old-timers think.

I've noticed that the Dojo seems to currently serve two purposes. The first, is to learn, both by discussion, and by running rituals for wins/loses/observations. The second, is for players to run healing rituals. This seems to create a problem, which is that the people who do not wish to follow the unspoken rules of the Dojo, often have easy targets.

My suggestion is to have a Dojo, which is committed to the first purpose, and a nearby "Hospice" which is designed solely for healing. I would think this could be situated nearby a Dojo, but not in such a central location. (Example, for Marind Bell Park, you could choose the nearby Fountain.

I think this would allow for tighter rules and punishments for those who would attack at the Hospice locations (and this may be more heavily patrolled by higher lvl people who can deal with interlopers) and perhpas a loosening of the rules at the Dojo proper. It could also help in that the Hospice locations could be not centralized locations (or could even move on a semi-regular basis, and have Dojo staff giving the locations out privately).


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I was thinking more in terms of Pacifing, or other methods the Dojo staff may have.

If this were instituted, perhaps there may even be overlap between Dojo duties and Hospice duties.

Much like the Dojo, I think if the idea is good, it can get social wieght behind it. The question to my mind (understanding I'm fairly new) is would this be a useful thing for the world or not, and if it would be useful, would people want to staff it.

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That's why the dojo is getting an in game location that will have rules in place in the programming.
see the following topic.


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[quote name='GlorDamar' post='18682' date='Oct 20 2008, 10:11 AM']That's why the dojo is getting an in game location that will have rules in place in the programming.
see the following topic.


Do we know when this will be? I ask because while there are many players who can just "suck up" the fact that they try to heal at the Dojo, and then lose time due to hit & runs, there are others who end up getting fairly frustrated. I know I have lost a number of hours and goodwill due to trying to get heals in the Dojo, and it being a siren's call to those who'd like easy kills. (Ooh, weak creatures, low vitality, easy win! And look, the fools even asking for help healing! Perfect!)

Also, it seems from some perspectives that the Dojo shouldn't be used for healing (Hello Master, my shin hurts, can you put a splint on it please? Also, I have this rash....) and should be focused on combat, and learning about rituals and the world. (Even from reading Calyx's description tends to point in that direction)

Again, I'm new, so my perspectives are also new. It just seems that the Dojo is really good when it works, but is really painful when it doesn't. And asking for a heal publicly in the Dojo is often an invite for any wandering player who doesn't care about the rules to get a easy win, and set someone back a few hours (or a whole day if they get hit enough and go "Ooh, no vitality, no creature vitality, 8 hours to fill up with enough to heal them, frak this game, I"m going to play something else for a few days")

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I don't know what priority has the dojo on Mur's list but since it is something started by the players I think the players should work things out. This dojo idea is new. Think that us, older players, did not have this and we survived. I might say that it was better back then cause you had to learn for yourself. there were no FAQ, few LHOs and in general almost no one to teach you stuff.So I don't really understand why people get frustrated. If you see that something is wrong and you don't like it try to find a solution not complain. For example: if I was a mp4 (let's say) and someone attacked me without permission I would seek a way to punish him/her. Not go on the forum and whine (ok...I do have something against whining....don't fell bad about it).
Don't just stay there waiting to do healing ritual or regenerating. Try to find out how to avoid those "bad players". C'mon people! You can do better than that!

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I thought suggesting a Hospice location might be a step in finding a solution. I know you older players had to walk uphill in a snowstorm both ways just to find a duel, and when you did duel, you had to use rocks and sticks because no-one had swords yet. It seems from reading that the player count went up after the Festival, which has changed the game world.
As far as other MP4's..trust me, if I had the creatures available, I would seek revenge, and I'm building a nice long list of memories in my hate list for just that purpose.
I had suggested the Hospice idea because while the old players did have one world that may have had some harsher aspects, it also had a smaller population from what I can tell, so it may not have had the same type of issues.
And I don't stand there waiting for regeneration, as that is what the sanctuary spaces are for. I *do* go to the Dojo to request healing rituals from similar leveled people.
The world is big enough to create my own Hospice I suppose, and find like-minded people who'd like to create such a thing, and that sounds like it will be one of my side goals at this stage. I've already had a few people in-game tell me they like this idea, because they've encountered similar issues. Guess I'll be working on that in the near future.

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You can always try. I mean this game is all about initiative. But...as I already told you: I am not against the dojo or similar ideas but I don't really support them. I believe that they take a loooot from the fun of the game. :)

Just my 3 cents :)

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