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The Crimson Alliance


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[color="#FF8C00"]Alliance name:[/color] [color="#000000"]Crimson Alliance[/color]

[color="#FF8C00"]Occupying:[/color] [color="#000000"]Golemus

Our ship is the Crimson Blade, which is stationed at Storm Port, i have already done the work to make her.[/color]

[color="#FF8C00"]Leader:[/color] [color="#000000"]myself, Cryxus[/color]

[color="#FF8C00"]Crew:[/color] [color="#000000"].Bootes.
Keith Moon
Silver Renard
Virtuous Pride

many unofficial who currently are parts of other guilds[/color]

[color="#FF8C00"]mission statement:[/color] [color="#000000"]The Crimson Alliance will be a guild based out of Golemus, seeing as how that is the only landmass that is surrounded by water.
Our job is to help whoever we see fit, for whatever price seems good...we are neither good, bad, or nuetral.[/color]

[color="#FF8C00"]what we offer:[/color] [color="#000000"]Also our intention is to sail the high seas, and explore uncharted lands...and broker information, or keep it hidden at our discrestion...for information is the true commodity of MD...[/color]

[color="#000000"]we are currently looking for more to join and support this alliance, feel free to post your thoughts, and ideas on us...[/color]

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:D I don't think that age is important here. I just fail to see a reason...at least for the time being. There are already enough alliances for the moment and for the number of active players.

Just my 3 cents...
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DST, why are you worried mate? besides I think this has more potential than a lot of guilds that are here...I genuinely think this guild would be a good thing.

I am not gonna drag other guilds down, but i think a few are just silly.

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To reveal all my machinations at the moment would be to destroy them.

What I do know is that this /must/ happen, for many reasons.
Cryxus is a grand captain and he will do this job well. The dissolving of the MRs has left a vacuum that must be filled, and Cryxus is set to explore the horizons with those that will follow him. It must be shown that no disbanding can kill the spirit of those that remain. If I can be a seat in this alliance, it may suit better to do so than to lay low much longer. I have friends here, after all.

If you'd have me, Cryxy taicho.

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Cryxus has proven his devotion and consistency for this role for quite some time now.. I think he has enough background to try request this alliance to Mur. It might not be approved so soon, but I think it's worth a try. You have my support.

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Nice alliance, nice story, nice alliance goal...but not an alliance im too keen to see on MD:)

Pirates? Na, no thx:P

Although, i like the idea i must agree with dst. What is the point? I like it as an alliance, but there seems...to lack...a point of making it?

GG...now thats a minus, your homeland should be made by the coast so GG is a great spot, but GG has its own history, and it cant really be altered. There were no pirates there, sure we can say pirates took over the abandoned lands, and has control of the coastal areas for smuggling things into caves there.

Although, i dont see the real connection of giving access to pirates to GG, it just doesnt seem...right...0.o

Homeland...where else? Nowhere...so mb GG is ok...bt not the best...alliance...to make there?

I will not give my support yet..although id like to know how exactly this will benifit MD? Dont say something like *MD will finally have pirates* :P

Although i like your ideas dst:P The head hunters XD


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Neg6, personally, I think you are focusing TOO much on us being a pirate guild...we will still operate like a normal guild, so what if we are pirates? that is just backstory...something I feel a lot of the guilds seem to lack.

Besides, I feel a lot more can be done with alliances than what currently is...it seems like there is a lull, and I, personally, would like to see more guilds being more active.

Anyhow GG is the perfect spot for us to set up...it is by the ocean and we are a pirate guild, so what if GG wasnt inhabited by pirates in the past? There were none in the history of MD as far as I've seen, yet. Besides, if we are to explore, and do our sailing bussiness, we need a dock, correct? well GG is the only place i know that has a dock to open waters...

Honestly i don't think you're looking at our uses -6 I think you are opposing it because we are a [i]'pirate'[/i] alliance, and discarding us without looking into it further...but thats just my feelings I gathered from what you wrote.

If there was no history of pirates in GG, i intend to make some...now is as good a time as any, mate...no sense in waiting for history to happen, it is time to make it.

and DST i have already posted my reasons for wanting it in GG...they have a port, and access to open waters, Necro provides no benefits for the guild i envision.

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Hmm, yes i dont like pirates on GG:P

Oh well, i doubt i can stop it from happening, although last try:P

Why not necrovion? Why not lore?

Necrovion:Nice place for pirates:)
Lore:Has a little pond for you boys and girls to play pirates in:) *Information oh..if you know the secrets within that pond...you would consider getting to it so you would choose there instead*

Pirates dont need to have a ship or have access to the sea...thats just a stereotype of a pirate. Pirates are rouges also, theives and high way men...

I dont think many want pirates on GG...tbh...read my papers on WHY there shouldnt be pirates on GG...or read Wodins it is linked...either way you will see why. A change? Why not? I dont have anything against the alliance, but i must say i cant give my full support:P

I just cant:P

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Cryxus and his crew are able to be paid for their services - any services. Not only is that useful for all players, it also means they can go on quests to achieve the required payment to get the pirate's help. Quests of course set by this pirate alliance.

More alliances with more specific purposes seems like a very good idea to me. Both for the interactivity of the game, and also for the community feeling as a whole.

People want their own alliances because there are specific purposes that can be filled with a group of people being able to collaborate that are not currently filled. I say give them the floor.

Give the pirate his ship.

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I have already outlined my reasons for choosing GG, it is the only place i have seen with open ports, ideal for exploration.

but i do appreciate the honesty on your views being biased.

Also, thank you very much Joseph.

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