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A little something for christmas


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Just thought i'd share this, it's an MD Christmas poem.
Hope you like it, Happy Christmas to you all.

[b]A magic duel christmas[/b]
Twas the night before Christmas
And throughout magic duel
Not a soul to be found
Save for bob and his tool.

The snow was falling
The presents were wrapped
Dst came to bob
And swiftly was slapped

The ground was cold
Pressed up to his face
But he picked himself up
And started to race

Away from the tree
Our DST fled
And got swallowed up
By I am bored’s head.

Bored gave a belch
To honour his meal
But now rather ill
Is how he would feel

Bored tries to move
But his feet refuse
Because naughty boy bootes
Has stolen his shoes

Bootes scampers off
With I am bored’s sole
He started to bury
The shoes in a hole

Perro came bounding
And dug the shoes up
Bootes took up chase
Of the mischievous pup

The dog raced on
Through hill and through dale
The astrologer stopped
He had lost the trail

Perro continued
But dropped both the shoes
At the feet of Windspirit
Purveyor of booze

Windy is full
Of Christmas cheer
Vodka, Gin
And of course her beer

The bar was filled
With drunken louts
Was the first thrown out

The drunk is unconscious
And out on his ass
But he is awakened
By the smell of the grass

He dusts himself off
And his eyes open wide
At the sight of Yami and Ren
On a mattress ride

Is swept off his feet
In a flurry of mattress
With no chance of retreat

Exiting loreroot
The mattress flies
Much knator
Commander’s surprise

Along with Knator
Wodin too
Is forced on board
The mattressey crew

The steps to the archives
Are far too steep
The crew are ejected
Right into a heap

Granos observes
From a fountain nearby
He know not to question what
Or even why

He merely returns
To his silent work
Worshipping fountains
The hooded berk

The fountain ignores
Granos’s cries
Cloud of smoke
Shoots past as he sighs

The cloud is mur
Lord of the realm
He is the captain
The man at the helm

Whooshing about
Darting to and fro
You’ll wear out your eyes
If you look at him go

Mur trips over
A kitty kat
He dusts himself off
And gives it a pat

The cat is kittiness
Love slave of Khal
Lord of necrovion
Your three shaded pal

He sits in winds sanc.
Mostly idle all day
Darkness would rule
Should he get his way

Another pub here
And a fine one too
Cryxus and inno
Serve baileys from a shoe

From here a mighty
Woman named sage
Calls for some drama
And takes centre stage

A warrior storm
Runs forth from the crowd
The call of battle
Lures him from the shroud

With a metallic clunk
And a hippity hop
Metal bunny shouts
As storm hits willows shop

The shop is a place
Where battles are fought
By carrot or stick
The lessons are taught

A broken up warrior
Returns from the fray
He turns to the dojo
And screams in dismay

He lands at the dojo
Attack at your risk
And fear the ones
With the asterisks

They are LHO
But if you don’t cease
They go from helpful
To being police

If you continue
And your behaviour’s awry
Then you’ll get a visit
From Jonn’s rogue eye

As Jonn speeds
Through no mans land
He bypasses many
Newbies on hand

Snow now thick
Upon the ground
All the lands
Can hear the sound

Of Marinds chimes
They ring and peal
And all around
It starts to feel

Like festive times
Are dead ahead
But after all
Of this is said

And finally
We see an end
To this rambling
My friend

But what of me your
Charismatic narrator
Neither armor, grassan
Tree or knator

I myself
Will celebrate too
Once this blasted
Rhyme is through

This is Christmas
At magic duel
And I am Gargant
Your Christmas fool.

Hope you like it

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Jigoku, it's meant to be an epic poem :D

Of course it's long (My brain went off on one and refused to stop)

I did put it up in the MDA website too but it got taken down and is now 'subject to admin approval', hope it gets put back up soon.

And thank you all for the positive comments (I'm glad you like it)

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