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MD withdraw what are the symptoms and how do you deal with it


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to answer my own question
1. start a topic on MD withdraw
2.the fruit cake start to look good to eat
3.start running around not sure why

how do I deal with it I don't know how can you help me and am I going insane or worst I'm becoming like I am bored

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Personally My Cold Turkey Symptoms have progressed thusly...

1) Started to Reply to Thread's I hadn't look at in a long time
2) When I realized we were in for the Long Haul I began to distract myself by studying Calculus (Truly these are Dark Times)
3) Tried playing other Online games... they paled in Comparison
4) - The Present - Now I sit with a glass of wine, slowly sipping the loneliness away whilst I periodically scan the forums...

What will the Future Hold if MD does not re-enter our Lives soon?

Some say Sleep filled with Troubled dreams...
Others predict hours of Web Surfing...
And a few, those precious daring few, Consider re-entering the Real World and interacting with Folk in the Manner of old... Face to Face

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Symptoms of withdrawal:

1) You have the game in a separate tab and attempt to refresh it every hour
2) You think of all the battles you're missing
3) You stare at the blank MD screen in despair for hours
4) You rehearse what you want to say when you get back in

Ways you can deal with this is:
1) Working on your papers while you wait
2) Spam the forum
3) Attempt to watch TV
4) Jump out into the snow in order to shock yourself out of it

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When I moved twice over the summer, I had to take mine apart. . . -groan- Not a fun job! And it's one of those complicated ones, with parts and what not XD

I'll take your word for it, though, Ailith ;p

Now, then, I'm in no need of a shoulder to cry on at the moment. . . But, when it happens again. . .

I'll be back!

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