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I'm trying to push the newspaper idea forward, and I know it's been in the forum for a long time now but now that i'm leading the project i'm wanting to get this thing up and running as soon as possible.

Here are some of the ideas for content in the newspaper that we've got so far, feel free to add to the list or make observations about the ideas.

So anyway here's the list:

Quote of the week (Or month depending on frequency, I think either fortnightly or monthly would be easier than weekly)

Heads contest report

Summary of ongoing AL stories

New game developments

Strategy compendium

Avatar sneak peeks

Role playing events in game (Such as Ailith and bull's wedding etc)

Quiz of the week (Again or month. Could also be expanded to a complete puzzle page if enough interest is generated)

Important calendar events

Gossip column

RPC interviews

Comic strip

History section (By the legend speakers and older players)

Fictional story each issue about characters in game

RPC quest list

Deaths during Land wars

These are just ideas, if anyone else has thoughts on what we can put into the paper, or any comments on the suggestions we have here feel free to post here.

Looking for some good feedback on this so please, spread the word. I'll talk to calyx about this as well...


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We should probably figure out what kind of newspaper it will be; what purpose do you want it to serve? For certain, it can serve multiple purposes, but by deciding which one is most important to the readers and which aren't, we can figure out the proportion of content types and how they'll be organized onto the pages.

For instance, if we want it to document the progress of MD and deliver information, we won't have a paper that is completely composed of light items and player-sent content. We'll also have news stories, features and opinions. If these are going to be comprehensive and multiple, they'll clash with each other if put on the same page. So, if we want more than 1 regular-length feature/news story/opinion, we'll have a section each for news, features, and opinions. Lighter content could be matched to them, such as advice/gossip column on the features page and commentaries on the opinions page. My school newspaper does it this way, organizing by content type.

But if we have just a few per issue, or if they're short like news briefs, we can instead section our newspaper by subject matter, similar to the way newspapers organize their news into local, world, and international pages. Maybe a page for game development, another about roleplaying, and so on... However, the problem I see with this is I can't visualize the different subject matters the paper would have. Just game development and roleplaying. /:

I suppose you could just see what specifically different players want, like you're doing now, and afterward decide how to organize the paper and what type of paper it will be. I would see what different players would want in the larger scheme and then start discussing more specific items because I'd feel more comfortable and organized that way, but it probably doesn't matter much which order you choose as long as long as you're well-directed. So if you're going to do it this way, make sure you know what further down the line will be based on the input you gain now.

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[s]It's nice to know that people are helping to keep this alive :D

I'm only posting here to try and keep this topic alive regardless of other people's interest.

I know that some of you ARE interested in this, but I cannot comprehend why you are refusing to help get the idea going.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let this die out. [s]It is a fantastic idea and I know that I can get it going but not without support from players who have shown interest.[/s]

[s]If you didn't plan on following through, do NOT say that you are interested.

Sorry to rant but I feel like the support we had in the old post has just completely gone.

I'll try and catch people in game ot see if they are still interested but I need your support people!

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have you ever thought that there might be just nothing to add? xD

people normally only say something when something is missing/going wrong, and keep their heads down as long as everything seems fine... i can observe that everytime when writing exams ('everyone has their sheets?' answer A :'NOOOO, i haven't got one' answer B: *silence, with everybody thinking 'i have mine, but there might be someone... so i better keep quiet')

i have read your post, and i have found nothing to add evan after reading the newspaper for two days... there's everything in that list, it's straight out perfect^^

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Burns, thank you, you've made me realise what i've done here.

I've messed up.

I've been thinking for a while that there was something I was meaning to do.

You're post has meant me re-read my original post.

I had meant to add that I would like people to pick which ones of these topics they would like to write/edit so that I can start organising people into departments.

I apologise to EVERYONE for my rant.

I will remove it then go outside and shoot my brain.

Don't worry. I've got enough money, i'll have a new one installed tomorrow. I don't know what's up with me today.

I'll delete my rant and once again. Thanks.

It's been a weird day.

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I've been trying to get your attention ingame. :< Anyway, I leave in two minutes, so I guess I'll have to wait until I get home.

I'm thinking this project won't move along unless we get Calyx-Che favors, or you manage to contact all the people who've already shown interest somehow. But anyway, if you want to do the organization thingy now, I think you know that I'd just like to provide my wonderful insight; maybe do the layout if you're not going to (argh I wanted to see that knocked-up version D:). I'd rather not write anything. But if we're in need of news- or feature-writers, I can manage a few of any topic as long as it doesn't require authority.

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To all who want to see a VERY basic, hashed together version.

Put together in around half an hour or less.

here's an idea of a front page. I can do a LOT better than this and on the final thing the background will be a scroll type thing like chewett suggested (If I can figure out how to do it), I really liked that idea.

Glai, you won't have to write any articles, I'll get people to write articles as they join the project and that way I can lay them out as we go along.

As you've read the reason it lacked support here is cos I forgot to ask for the support.

I'm sure things will pick up, and if it doesn't i'll make it pick up :D


That just proves that there's something up with my mind at the moment. I forgot to put in the link to the file containing the hashed up version of the paper.

Here it is....

Edited by Gargant
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Thank you, Garg, for keepin’ the dream alive. I am very excited to start working on the newspaper. I would be interested in being a reporter/writer for the gossip column, RPC interviews, current events, etc; kinda like a girl about town! :friends:

Also, I would like to help with the quotes, quizzes and general organization of the paper itself. And, of course, I am currently working to drum up some interest and support from everyone.

I cannot wait to see what people have to say about the new MD Paper!

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Right, I'll put pample on the staff for the RPC interviews and the gossip column.

I'll put you in the puzzle page staff too.

We're starting to get momentum now.



Please ignore the previous link I sent.

I've played about a bit more with Quark (The software i'm using) and it looks much better now.

Here's the update. Please read the text i've put in, it's mostly nonsense but some of it is important. Mainly to do with the filesize and font of the paper.



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Garg, u know this hahave my support. The thing is, I already posted my ideas on what the newspaper should contain, and it has already been transferred to the list on the 1st post, so I can't actually post anything else, and I wanted to keep this topic clean from comments, just ideas, but I guess it's better to comment discuss things here as well and keep the topic alive...
Anyways, I was on myrrh's list and I have posted on the other topic that I am still interested in working on this project, but haven't been notified of anything afterwards. I assume that my help has not been needed yet, but when the time comes and you need more manpower, just contact me =)

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Hmm.. my personal preference, nothing else, I'd like a body font with serifs, like Times New Roman 12p. It's a little less clear than some of the other choices but less harsh on the eyes than Gargant's choice while preserving some sense of elegance. It kind of depends on what tone you want to communicate. For headlines I might want Arial bold.

We're not sticking with three columns, are we? XD Now, I suppose that would be okay, but four might be a little more standard.

As to the scroll background, we could have two separate images stuck on the top and bottom that would be the top and bottom of the scroll, and maybe lines on the sides. That would take up a lot less bandwidth than stretching one image to be the whole background. This could be rendered by one of our artists. Now, the easiest would be to have the scroll filled with white and outlined in the style MD maps are drawn--especially if this will ever be printed for novelty's sake. I prefer it this way besides, since it'll contrast more easily with black text and make it easier to read and cleaner. If we have to preserve the off-color detail, we could fill the whole template and the individual images with solid color rather than using an image. It wouldn't be as pretty, granted.

I think I might make something rough in Adobe Indesign so we can compare and contrast. :) But.. it might be a month from now. Oh well.

The thing is though, there are a lot of people who have said they're interested ingame but don't check the forums. The easiest way to notify them would be getting an announcement out. I [i]can [/i]continue the survey and get the word out to those who indicated interest, but it would be tedious. I'd prefer the announcement. If Calyx doesn't feel like it's appropriate, I think I'll talk to Manu. DX

This tossing around of ideas while members are gradually being added sort of makes me uneasy because it feels disorganized. X) If we can quickly form an actual committee, one that's official, we might get a subforum and discuss each part of the newspaper successively with the most constructive input possible. If I was someone who wanted to provide suggestions but didn't know about this thread until it had 17 posts I would be discouraged and disoriented a little. Glai would manage the project in the way suggested to prevent this.

But you're the leader, Garg. If you want to go a bit haphazardly and can manage a product just as well-drawn in the end, it'll be quicker.

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as i have very little time atm, i'd like to work on the gossips, strategy compendium and maybe a bit of history section^^
i think i could also handle some pieces about general events and AL events once my exams are over and i have some sparetime again =)

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Well, I'd be up for some general silliness items, like I mentioned in that post in the wrong place as it where.
Stimulating interviews on important topics such as your favourite colour.
I'm also trying to organise a boozey doo around MD. Things are starting to shape up and I was thinking we could write a report on the antics for the event.

Anyway, I'll help in any way I can, so you can just ask me to do boring stuff like proof read etc if you want.

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Here's where we stand at the moment.

Glai: I tend to prefer the haphazard approach, if things go wrong then so be it we can adapt to the situations as it is deemed necessary.

I have now found a way to export the paper as a HTML file, would this make things easier??

I wonder if Mur would kindly donate the background image for things like the messages and the combat log, the thing with the tassles in the top left corner, I think that would look great.

The headline fonts were going to change anyway, they were just the first I clicked. Does anyone have suggestions on content font?

Current Staff:

[u]Gossip Column[/u]

Pamplemousse - Writer
Innocence - Writer
Burns - Writer

[u]Historical documents[/u]

Burns - Writer

[u]RPC interviews[/u]

Pamplemousse - Writer
Innocence - Writer
Udgard - Writer (Historical elements)
(Maybe for this section, Ud could write an introduction about the background of the RPC in question and Pample could write the interview)

[u]AL Summary[/u]

Innocence - Writer

[u]Puzzle Page[/u]

Silver Renard - Proofreader

[u]Comic Strip[/u]

Glor Damar - Artist

[u]Fictional stories[/u]

Gargant - Writer (I can put Gar wars in the first few issues unless someone else wants to do something)

Firs you mentioned doing something a little humourous for hte paper, I think it'd be a good idea if you work on something that Shadowseeker suggested to me over YIM, he said we could do horoscopes, if you can make them funny, i'll get some cool little icons for each one. To relate to MD each month the horoscopes could have a 'lucky creature'.



DST That's a great idea, would someone like to write about the festival, document all the promotions/demotions, get reactions from people as they get promoted etc

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i'll happily proofread and/or be an editor for any of those areas, i don't have time to actually write stuff for it though, i've got a few other game related things going on which i have to write up as it is, but i would like to help if i can

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[quote name='Glaistig' post='23763' date='Jan 14 2009, 04:54 PM']Just wondering, is that article going to be about rpcs in general or specific individuals?

If it's the latter you could probably do multiple pieces instead of one story. n__n[/quote]

It's going to be about each of the individuals =)
I thought it'd be nice if we have a small story on each of the RPCs so future players can read it sometimes and see the journey MD has gone through storywise =)

And the idea garg mentioned, I think it would be a great if we put the introduction on the RPC interview parts.

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Grido I'll put you in on the RPC interview section, that way we can start to generate content.

Once Udgard Pample and inno have got the interview written. Decide between you which RPC you want to interview, get enough material for grido to proof read and edit.

That way we can see the type of thing that we can generate.


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hey mate, im willing to help in which ever way is needed. I gotta admit a rather like the idea of actualy news being reported, because all too often certain, and in my opinion, important things get overlooked (like my ship being created, or the CoE, or any number of things that get recognized on the MD world level). Anyhow i believe you could always use another author for material and i would just like to step forward to tell you i am at your disposal.

i could also do something like write a short story that is unrelated to anything, but is added just for extra content, if you want, anyhow we should get together sometime and talk.


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Cryx how about this:

We need someone to write about roleplaying events, this will encompass all aspects including unofficial alliances such as your pirate crew, the C o E etc . It will also contain specific events such as Queen Ailith's and King bull's wedding and other stuff like that.

Another point i've just thought of:

Would it be a good idea if we could include content from the university? Like upcoming lectures, transcripts of lectures if people missed them etc.

Just a thought.


Kouros has now joined as another proofreader/editor of the RPC interview section, we need to get some of the other sections padded out. Most urgent ones as I see it are the historical documents, the festvial/head contest reports and the puzzle page. These are the ones that will really add character to the paper.

The great expansion is go!


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