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messaging trouble


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somtimes the message gets stuck and is not send or is send very slow
i have in the outbox many messages that seems to not get anywere, some r from weeks back and i know it's not becouse they did not log in, becouse they have recive other messages that r newer

can anybody tell me what is going on?

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sending id expired, refresh/reload and sent it again it should work, and its good thing that it remains in outgoing messages, coz if you wrote long pm then you still have it saved in there in case that its sent to nobody, in outgoing messages, pms without receivers name are the ones that are sent improperly, i hope i helped

btw its not bug, only players id expired

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it is like what happen to dst
and it is not related to the resend messages

maybe its related to the number of messages sent?
and if so whay some players gets my pm's instantely, when others recive them after a long time or not at all?

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[quote name='dst' post='25898' date='Feb 23 2009, 11:56 AM']C'mon Ls...I think I know what's the first step when something is not working in MD...[/quote]

I know you do, but since no one had asked him yet (on forum) I figured that it was worth a try (would be kind off embarrassing to hear later clearing cache worked)

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