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Login/Logout delay of 20 minutes

Prince Marvolo

20 minutes cooldown  

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The 20 minutes to login again...
It really doesn't make any sense!

My internet Frequently fails wich makes me re-open my browser again, wich makes me logged off...
Then I want to login again, and see I need to wait 20 minutes... ;)
I keep trying... to count down (I was bored and got nothing to do further...)
And suddenly I got this --> *max retry reached, you are temporary baned :P

It was like WTF? :(
It really doesn't make any sense to me!


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totally not cool...

me, being my usual naive, nice and easy-going self, thinking of nothing evil when going idle, tries to log back in after about 35 mins of dinner and playing cards with my family, just to realize that the system won't let me... it obviously starts to count down from the last regen you had -.-

totally not cool!

i guess mur did think of something when implementing that, but it is a burden for those who just leave for a little while (like, akf-idle, smoking, eating, whatever...)
i usually learn with MD on and pop in from time to time to attack a bit, but now...
i either try to not lose connection with the server or i'll have to wait 30 mins... and with my browser failing from time to time, it will be a lot harder to keep playing -.-


Edit: now the counter did a reset, from 12 mins before i entered the forums to 14 now...

i hate to say it again, but:

[size=3]TOOOOTALLYYYYY NOT COOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!1111oneelven[/size]

Edit2: just realized that the counter will start over if you check before the 20 mins are over and then leave again...

well, i guess i don't have to say it again even bigger... you know... just not cool -.-

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