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MR's Training Grounds


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We would like to invite all players, any Mind Power, to join us at the Golden Globe Gazebo in MDA lands.

We have a training area where we help others gain creature wins.

The rules are basic.

1. - If in the Golden Globe Gazebo, you MUST set a SINGLE creature on weaken defense. Does not matter what type, as long as it does not do any damage

2. - All attacks are to be NON DAMAGE. Example: 3 grassans (lower levels target multiple so they cannot damage a single creature), 1 elemental doing weaken defense, 2 heretic archers set to weaken defense.

3. - If you accidently kill someones defense, post so in chat so others do not attack them and get a bad ritual.

4. - MRD, MRWander and MRV are in charge. Their word is FINAL.

5. - If you are unsure of what to do when entering, speak to MRD, MRWander, MRV, or any of the online players in the Gazebo BEFORE attacking. Most there can and will help you, but if you break the rules they will be less likely to help you here or anywhere else in game.

As stated in the topic, ALL players are welcome here as long as they follow the rules. Here we work as a team, each helping the others. The goal is to gain Creature Wins without Experience and no personal losses or wins. We only gather creature wins do not ask for experience, or losses. We do not allow it here.

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I would like to mention The MR's training ground is an asset to the world of MD. Having worked in the dojo for quite some time I believe the MR training ground has accomplished more in a matter of weeks than the dojo has in months. The Training Ground aids players in creating rituals and substantially increasing stats in short periods of time. Most importantly players are learning invaluable techniques in creating effective rituals.

I do not agree the Training Grounds are in competition with the dojo. I think they make the dojo obsolete. However more importantly, the dojo and The Training Grounds are two different entities. First of all the Training Grounds are there to teach people as pointed out earlier. The dojo does not teach it is a sanctuary with the ability to duel. As stated "ALL players have the right to one or two locations (dojos) where they can train, set rituals, and do healing rituals free from unwanted attacks." - Calyx of Isis This separates the Training Grounds from the dojo. Therefore I do not think there should be any conflict of each entity existing and existing separately at that.

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It is possible. I need to document the Training Grounds progress, and get supporters for it also. Eventually i hope to make this a really big thing, where everyone fully knows what it is and everyone comes to benefit from it. Right now we only have 75 or so players who come daily to train, i would like to see that number hit 150 a day

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The training grounds are not a dojo. There are other rules that apply.MRD wrote them in the first post.
During HC (as far as I have seen) the training is suspended and with a good reason.

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Yes we are entirely different from the Dojo, and as dst stated during heads contest we end training due to the contest. Once the contest finishes, we will resume once again. We have our own rules, as ou can see on my alliance page, MRWanders alliance page, or MRV's alliance page. They also are listed above. Any further questions may be asked either her or mail me in game.

As far as idle players goes, Idle players set their rituals before they go idle, and without them having their rituals the TG does not function properly, so there is no attacking idle player in the MR's Training Grounds without using a ritual we specify. We work on a concept of teamwork, every player working together as a team for a common goal. If everyone works together, that goal is achieved. If even one player breaks the rituals, the goal is not able to be achieved.

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dojo is great for the newer players and for players getting to practice rits and have a second to heal and rest

the training grounds actually complement the dojo in a very good way by allowing people to train for the wins creatures needed i would like to see a hybrid of the 2 just not sure how it would be done

anyway i encourage both in their ongoing growth and seeing how they develop in the game

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in my experience, the training ground is a good place for both veterans and completely new players.
new players get a good start and can train for wins, while at the marble dale dojo they can spar for exp and test their newly upgraded creatures. it also helps perfectionists trying to design their favorite, optimized rit at mp3 without wasting exp. all in all, a very nice place for every kind of player. it's running pretty good already and as mrd said, the more players come and enjoy it, the better it will work.

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The MRD training grounds have been a great place to learn from great players. Not only do you get the opportunity to work on your creatures but there is a sense of comradery I do not see elsewhere. People share ideas and strategy, we also learn some etiquette as well. It is a great balancing tool for those who are new to the game. People who have been playing for a long time have the advantage of time, we have the advantage of the MRD training grounds. The great thing about it is that it is not exclusive to anyone, everyone is welcome as long as they follow the rules so even the big dogs can benefit!

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I can tell you one thing, the MR training ground works. It is set up in a particular way to ensure you gain stats and upgrade your creatures.
Before I found the training ground, I was stuck using the dojo in Marindsbell, while yes- it is good for perhaps mp3's or mp4's, it was not suited to an mp5. I sat in the dojo for an entire week and only upgraded one creature.
I sat in the MR training ground for 2 days and upgraded every one of my creatures to their max level. Now this is why I will punch anyone who speaks badly about MRD's set up in the nose.
MRD himself, dedicated a massive amount of time to making sure his training ground worked properly, and it saddens me that i nearly fell to ruin. Hopefully things will change, and hopefully the MR training ground will start functioning again! 'cause I want to go sit in it more! :)

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This is, in my opinion, one of the grater applications of teamwork i have seen so far. I must admit I try to steer clear of the dojo as I dislike the lack of ease that others bring to it...I hate asking and receiving no response, time and time again. I love the fact that as long as you follow a specific guideline the Training Grounds allows for an easy, quick, and most important efficient way to train your creatures. The only thing that i would like to see is a way to punish those who come into the training grounds with the sole intent of ruining other people's training. But the concept and execution thus far has impressed the hell out of me, and is one of the better ideas i have seen implemented.


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I think that traning grounds are mostly for newer players (mp3 and mp4) and would support that they are helped to start playing game and get stronger. As for mp5 part of everything there is willows shop. :)

The grounds also are good and show that people can get organized quite well if needed/if it goes for their gain and easy fights. xD

But yer MR's did very good job on it.. Set the rules that are beeing respected and everything. They have managed to do something similar to what dojo is tho still very different in a way.

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What else can I really add that hasn't already been said? It's been a great asset for myself, and I am well aware of others that have benefited. Any who think the Training Grounds are only setup for the MRs to take advantage of have yet to actually visit the Training Grounds when they are most busy. That place is a haven of training, and one that works well. Kudos and ditto!

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I remember the day when I first met the MRs. I was a newbie (not that I am not still one) but they did help me understand a lot about the fighting system. When a certain moment (and people) came and DEMANDED for this training ground to be public, I was there to support, as I am still now for a lot of reasons that many people already stated.

I have no quarrel towards the dojo, but the training ground is a much more productive way for a player to evolve.

It is well organised and populated enough, plus people do not have to wait until they get a respond as permission to attack. As long as all players are set, you come in, you do your training, you chat and roleplay at the same time. Your creatures gain quick wins, and no personal wins to mess with your balance, which is what leads to a huge amount of stats gained. The rituals are predefined therefore no wasting time to set and reset any rituals, your creatures are quickly upgraded. What else could you possibly ask for? ^^

Like Rotting Carcass said: Some people have the advantage of time they are in game, we have the advantage of the training grounds ^^

Thank you MRD, MRWander, MRV and all the MRs for all the effort and hard work they put into his. You had my support, you have it now and you will have it in the future.^_^

PS: I love the fact that there is an MRFluffy there for me to squeeze ^_^

DarkPriestess - Peace

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Now onto the actual post that has actual grammar...yay!

Ever since the beginning of my time in MD, I've been friends with the MRs, and when I finally joined them I was quite happy...they helped me train my shiny new MR account (except I, being a win addict and also a heads addict, wasted lots of EXP), which lead to my winning heads (also I had a bit of help there too). When I trained, it was with one person, attacking over and over again...it got rather boring, but with the Training Ground it's not so boring because one: You have more people to attack, two: There's other people training so you can talk with them and three: I'm no imaginative enough to think up another one...so we'll just go with "Because I said so". At MP3 the Training Ground is great for getting a bunch of won OR lost fights, because you can either train lots and get wins or idle there and get losses. The Training Ground is good for all MP levels, but it kinda depends on who you are (an MP3 who doesn't really care for fighting wouldn't really like it, but if the same MP3 got to MP5 and decided to start fighting, the Training Ground would benefit them quite greatly. Of course it works the other way around too, a big fighter at MP3 will most likely sit at Willow's instead of the Training Ground). Soooo...I'd keep going, but I'm running out of imagination juice...so...all done now

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*gets a sharp, white hot poker in his side from MRD poking him*

well, seeing as i have been using the GGG for the past 8 hours or so straight, figure i should write something here, has nothing to do with MRD prodding me to, at all :P

it's a really usefull place to get wins, seriously, in the past hours i've gotton over 300 wins on my creatures, which is unbelievably helpfull to leveling them, the wins being the only things i needed on them an all, it's quite a good place for the occaisonal xp gain as well [spoiler]from bursts[/spoiler] people just set up non-damaging defence rituals and then i can farm creature wins with non-damging attacks :P happy times

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I am COMPLETELY amazed at how well this has worked out through support from regular users. As many of you know I was out for quite sometime recently but even in my absence and times of day being unattended by a MR the grounds have stood solid and seem to have more active players showing up every week I d like to give my thanks for those how have been supporting this andd helping us.

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Training ground rules have been revised to help everyone understand them better

Golden Globe Gazebo training rules


-All players are protected by these rules regardless of mp level or if they are idle or active

-Defense must be a single fully healed creature with at least 301ve.If you plan to go idle set 3 defenses total please.

example:heretic archer set to weaken.

-Attacking rituals must deal no damage or lifesteal to single creatures or all creatures, or *heal/regen your own creatures.

example:4 heretic archers set to weaken 2 grassan lvl 1 (they target multiple creatures and cannot damage single creatures)


-If you enter the Golden Globe Gazebo for ANY PURPOSE, please set a single creature NON damage ritual for defense, even if you do not wish to train

-If your defense or anyone elses defense is not set properly TYPE IT IN CHAT SO EVERYONE CAN SEE. Whether you broke it or not.

-Try to keep chat and roleplaying to a minimum or if not possible at least repeat who's defense rits are broken once its off the screen.

The purpose is to gain wins for your creatures without gaining experience.

Any questions comments or concerns about staff members send to MRWander first or if about him to MRD

Violators WILL BE Prosectuted by .MRD.

Abilities that can be used AND how to use them properly:

Abilities. target other

weaken defense------------any-------------none

heal/regen----------------any---------------ritual must be fully healed already

damage------------mutiple or dying---------none

lifesteal-------------mutiple or dying--------none


Any player with the prefix MR or MS is training grounds staff.

Heads of staff in order. .MRD., MRWander, MRV, MRHoly one, MRWarrior, MRalyon, MRInqisitor.

Special thanks to these people for helping create the MR's Training Grounds .MRD. .Shoeps. .Akasha. MRWander MRV MRHoly One MRWarrior Without their support and countless hours of testing this could not have been possible.

Anyone who wishes to contribute and translate rules into another language please do so. A thanks so for to Burns and Beril for translating.

------------------ Regeln fürs Training im Golden Globe Gazebo: - Möglichst wenig Chatten (vor allem keine RP-Gespräche) außer um einem Neuling die Regeln zu erklären -Als Verteidungsritual sind NUR eine einzelne, komplett geheilte Kreatur auf einer Option, die keinen Schaden verursacht [Weaken Defence, Heal] zugelassen -Angriffe erfolgen OHNE SCHADEN, also nur Weaken Defence und ähnliches -Keine Heilungs-Rituale, außer auf MP5, wenn beide Kämpfer online sind und einwilligen -Chat beachten, dort gibts aktuelle Informationen über gebrochene Verteidigungen damit ihr eure Rituale nicht so leicht verliert -Falls euch ein Unfall passiert und ihr eine Verteidigung brecht, gebt das im Chat bekannt ['just killed xxx's def', 'xxx is broken', so was in der Art]

------------------- GGG rules (Lithuanian| Lietuvu) GGG taisykles -Standartinis ginybos ritualas turetu buti 1 padaras pilnomis gyvybemis (ir kurio gyvybes taškai viršytu 301ve) kuris nedarytu jokios žalos priešininkiui -Laimima NEDARANT JOKIOS ŽALOS PRIEŠININKUI -Jokio gydimosi kovos metu nebent tu esi perejes i MP5. -Stebekite susirašinejimo langa, nes jame galite sužinoti kieno ginybos ritualas yra sunaikintas ir taip apsisaugoti savo paties padarus -Jeigu tavo ginybos ritualas bus sunaikintas, pranešk tai visiem iškarto kai tik suprasi jog taip atsitiko

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