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Happy Birthday!!


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Happy Murthday!!!

Thanks for such an awesome game. Keep up the awesome work.

I'd usually think of something funny or witty to put here.....so....




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In this day, 27 years ago, a boy was born. We do not know much of his life and probably never will. What we do know is that boy grew up and created a new world: he called it Magic Duel.

In this day, we wish happy birthday to Manu, the Creator of the world all of us here live everyday.

Through him we realise that MD is not "just a game" as people call it. It is a world of friendship. intrigue, love, hate, admirasion, jealousy but also a world of creativity. We enjoy out time here, indeed but look around you. Look at the friends you have made and look at yourself. Are we all the same person we were the day before we started in MD? I believe not.

And I wish to Thank him for it and wish him happy birthday. And I hope that as he grows older, Magic Duel and us all grow older with him. ;)

PS: Is it appropriate to jump on him today and squeeze him to death? ^_^

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I propose you celebrate with him and enjoy the day.
However, I believe 'squeezing him to death' would be most ill advised. If such a thing were to occur, I think it would be detrimental to most, if not all, of the residents of this world.

I wish you a most joyous day, King Manu. May all your hopes and dreams come to fruition and may you be surrounded by all those who you love and who love you -- which most certainly includes all of us.

A most happy birthday to you, King Manu.

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[quote name='Grido' post='26441' date='Mar 5 2009, 06:26 PM']*edits first post to include screenshot of Gazebo where the celebrations were held*[/quote]

Thank you for the edit ^_^


*wonders if it should be called 'Mur Day' instead of Birthday... o_o*

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It were a wondrous occurrence. It doth seem that even a god may have a day of birth. I wonder, then, what there had been in existence, afore it.

I wish him a happy day of birth, and thank him dearly for creating this realm.

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