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Negative Vitality

Aia del Mana

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This were a strange occurrence. I know not how it may be reproduced, but the image explains it.

If somehow, one were to make a ritual that hath all its creatures on negative vitality, there were potential for abuse, for damage to the ritual would make the percentage at the end positive, that is, after being dealt damage, you might get -X% vs. 100%, for example.

edit: Stormrunner hath posted the occurrence in another thread, along with what may be related bugs.

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A ritual with only creatures with negative vit will just lose the first time your opponent tries to land a hit, also those creatures aren't treated any differently from dead ones (as far as I know they might have stats on them...)

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uhmm... i reported that about 4 months ago... XD

it's no bug, the neg vit creatures behave like dead ones, just as Light already said, they won't get hit, they won't do damage, they don't count for the outcome, it's just a glitch in the system that they even show up^^

i also know how to reproduce it:
-get yourself negative vitality
-kill some of your creatures to about 50 vit
-use them with 100% influence

the system will devide your vitality evenly between the creatures, and 'overkill' them, and then you have them 'undead' on the screen ^_^

PS: try it, they are doing nothing at all, it's like they weren't even there, and if you have nothing but dead creatures in your rit, you will lose instantly as if your enemy had killed them with the first blow^^

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