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missing name and odd win


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I'm not sure if this is a bug or what but it rather odd my name doesn't apper on the list while at the dojo(The Marble Dale Park) and when I asked Priestess Aia to attack me I got a win I shouldn't have gotten, I've tried clearing my cache, going idle, and even logging out. it only seems to be at the dojo if I move to the shop my name appears as nomal
I attached a few screenshots
1 of The Marble Dale Park where my name doesn't appear
1 of the shop where it does
1 of my battle log with the odd win, I don't know if thats related or just happened at the same time

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methinks someone used regen on the odd win, which would explain it

as for the not being there in the player list...yeah that happens, it's known about as far as i'm aware

they're unrelated to each other

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assuming that the other thread is about the same fight, with the creatures showing, i assume aia used the ani tree 3 on regen and your grasan was on haotic damage, that totally explains the outcome...

aia regend a good bit of vit, in fact more than you could destroy (over max regen, known glitch in calculation), but lost by % because your grasan was WAY too strong for her

storm got damage, yes, but that was low damage on percent, and the little damage storm dealt to aia was too much on % for her...

such fights are totally normal when one side uses regen, you can produce it with over -500k on the losing side O_o

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