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Hi, I don't if it's a bug...
I've reached the exp cap for MP3 that should be around 380.000.
When I fight it says that I've already reached the cap and none of my creatures will get experience.
I was at 383.000, but after some hours I was at 391.000.
Then, it has stopped at 391.000 for two days.
Today it's 458.617!!!!!

I've only fought with a defence ritual in order to get losses or easy wins at the Golden Glode Gazebo.
Yesterday I defeated the Loreloot Guards but the experience wasn't added to the cretures in my ritual.
And I'm still at MP3

+50.000 it a huge number!
It may grow up even more if I don't know why it has happened.

If you need to check my character, it's Rhada.
Please let me know

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Have you sacrificed crits, upgrade crits, buy new ones?
Also xp depends on the ve used in the battles. So if you fought some battles (not many, sometimes only few can do the trick) with high ve then that ve transformed into xp. Not to mention that at some point after several fights heat is gathered and will multiply the gained xp.

Conclusion: in my opinion there is nothing strange :D.

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Lib, there is nothing strange. Personal xp grows even if you hit cap.

Almost every action in the game (ok, not RPing, solving quests bla bla) brings xp. I was capped for almost 2 months before finding a way to go down. So I know what I am saying.

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