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[color="#FF0000"][size=5]We have all 5 contestants! Contest will be held soon![/size][/color]

All mp3s who wish to take part at the "First step" contest are invited to sign up here.

Yes, I know the name is a bit strange but I consider mp3 as the first step into integrating in MD.

The contest will take place this Friday Day 134 23:00 server time (if enough mp3s will join - I need at least 6).Also in case (god forbids) something happens it will be postponed until Saturday 15:00 server time).

The rules are simple: highlander! Fight until there is only one! Everyone will fight 2 with his opponent: once in def and once in attack (if it's a tie then will fight again and again until there is only one).
Then the winner moves to next stage and so on.
I will require print screens of the battle logs and PMs with the battle logs.
Bursts are not allowed.
Or combos.
Or free credits.

Rewards: Creatures. Really old creatures. Loreroot crits. Necro crits. And if I find a sponsor maybe I will be able to give more.
The way the rewards will be distributed will be slightly different then you are used to BUT I can guaranty you will like it.

The place where the contest will be held is Road of Battles.

If you have a suggestion, please post it. I want this contest to be an opportunity for mp3s (not alts but new players that just got to MD) to get crits. Consider it as a start boost.
And don't worry if you are not strong! Having the guts to sign in makes you stronger than you think.

So...come! Join the contest! Win it! Brag about it!

[color="#4169E1"][u]Contestants so far:[/u][/color]
King Daimon
BrightShield aka SoulRider
[s]Death Ray -signed through PM cause he has some issues posting on the topic.[/s] He turned mp4 :unsure:
Poppitz Resurrection
[s]Mhilael[/s] turned mp4 :)
Death Bell

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since this is for new [i]players[/i] and not for new [i]chars[/i], i think adverticing at marble dale and the typical mp3 locations might be a good idea. chewett is right, few new players are checking the forums right away.

i'd be willing to throw in my mp3 just for the heck of it, but thats kinda against the spirit of your contest.... maybe as additional challenge for the winner? :blink:

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I know that few mp3s actually read the forum. That's why I will spamm a bit the new players' areas. This topic provides them more info since I cannot say all that in chat :blink:
I didn't say that you new chars are not allowed. I just said that it is intended for new players :D.

Additional challenge for the winner? Like what? As I said: I am opened to suggestions :D

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If you're still interested in a sponsor, I'll throw in a 317 age (by the time of this post) elemental and heretic archer (the archer might differ in age a few days, but the point is that they can be maxed rite away even after a few trades). Depending on the amount of participant, I will also throw in a spell page. I wanted to throw in a custom item/wishpoint as well, but that would lure too many alts, so I'll scrap that thought. :unknw:

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I need at least 6 players so in case I will not have enough I will postpone it until we have at least 6. The date will be announced few days before so everyone will have time to prepare.

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  • 1 month later...

I want to join too.. :o

but i doubt i'd win it though.. i haven't got much experience-

(proof, i still fail using rits lol)

well.. if we could join, i'd like to earn some experience for the contests to come :unsure:

i just hope i don't get massacred too early :blink:


well.. i'm not qualified- so it seems XD just got mp4.. oh well

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Ok. Then I will make the necessary arrangements and today or tomorrow I will post the date and the hour of the contest also the rules.
I am thinking Saturday around 12:00 (server time).

But I am opened to suggestions since I have no idea when you all are online (or if you can attend the contest).

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i want to join... :D
Death Ring (ID:113354;)
and can we have this befor or after the HC in the middle will mean trouble :D

and if our oppenent attacks first do we get a chance to heal our creatures? or we should just attack with what ever creature we have?

[quote name='Liberty4life' post='30931' date='May 13 2009, 09:04 PM']additional challenge? hmm sounds nice, winner can challenge my best mp3 i have if he beats him, to hell i will give him 10 silver :D[/quote]
I will take you on that challenge. :D

PS:i think this should be for people whose main account is a mp3.. just a suggestion

when are westarting and how to make sure all of the players will be online at that time? that is the problem.. do they forfeit if they dont come within 10 minutes... or maybe we can fight with the other guys and if he still doesnt come he loses?

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