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Illusion +2000 Vitality Points

Eman Emaul

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that is because the extra vit goes to the creatures not your personal vit.

it is split between all your illusion creatures.... not sure but it might also be split with your non illusion creats..... i will check as i ahve an mp2 from golumus with normal creatures.

but then again if i say i will check it may never happen...

oh and you can't acess your normal creatures in an illusion, even if you don't choose any creatures from an illusion..... unless iab the numberless's creatures were stolen.... which i don't think has happened.... as there was only an aramor :P

and the extra vt doesn't go to your non illusion creatures..... i will check to see if the vit actually does go to the illusion creatures.... as that i just thought was what happens, ii will check to make sure....

if it put each of my edits as a new message on the counter, i think i would have anywhere between 300 and 500 messages....

ok then nevermind about the vit going to the creatures..... i just checked and found it doesn't..... unless.... wonder if the max vit is there but not showing.... hmm.....

oh well.... you might as well not bother reading this mesage...

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